White men attack Blacks in helicopters: White South African Mercenaries Are Indiscriminately Killing People in Mozambique – My Comments


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[It irks me that White men fight to keep Blacks in power. White men will fight for Jews, they'll fight for Israel, they'll fight for the rich. They will fight to kill the enemies of Jews. But they will never give thought to fighting for something of benefit and deep meaning TO WHITES FFS. Now we hear of them being accused of random killing blah blah, yawn. I am so sick of a world where everyone runs like a cry baby somewhere. This should also be a lesson to these White men to not be involved in this stuff. They do get paid a lot of money AND they are refining their military skills. So that is great. But truly, I wish White men would stick together with other Whites and fight for something that has value. These are White South African males. In reading this article, ignore the cry baby stuff. Just focus instead on the military skills of these men. This shows you how, in 2020, White men can pack a punch, even in small groups if properly armed with modern weapons. I don't understand why Whites are so pathetic and lack a belief in ourselves. Truly, we must turn things around. We must stand up for ourselves. Personally, it delights me that Black Muslims are beating the Black Communist Frelimo government in Mozambique. They were our enemies before anyway. So I would like to see them being destroyed. I think it would be far better for Black countries to fight their own Black enemies. Let the South African government go and fight the Black Muslims themselves. That should be fun! The Dyck group is run by a guy who was a Rhodesian army officer who stayed on and actually worked in the Zimbabwe Army for Mugabe. Notice that some of their methods are very low tech like chucking handgrenades out of helicopters. The blacks are crying because the Black Muslims and their followers stick together and so the civilians get killed. This is an old black strategy used by Blacks in Rhodesia and elsewhere. The Black combatants use the civilians as "Shields". They don't actually care if the civilians die. So in the Rhodesian war there were large numbers of Black civilians "killed in crossfire" because. The bottom line is that these White men are fighting a miniature war where they are actually more effective than the Mozambican army and at this time, the South African army has not been deployed to fight in the north of Mozambique. That should be fun to see. This miniature war by these Black Muslims actually has Black Governments stumped. The same is happening in West African and elsewhere and Black Governments and their entire armies are unable to stop tiny groups of radical Black Muslims. I wish Whites would learn to stick together and work together and do things for the benefits of Whites instead of keeping others in power. White men everywhere are fighting for everything EXCEPT THEIR OWN INTERESTS!!! Jan]

White South African mercenaries hired by the Mozambican government have carried out indiscriminate helicopter attacks and killed civilians as part of an escalating war in neighboring Mozambique, according to a new report published today by Amnesty International.

Fifty-three witnesses interviewed by Amnesty International claim that forces from a South African private military company, known as the Dyck Advisory Group (DAG), fired machine guns from helicopters and dropped hand grenades indiscriminately into crowds of people, failing to differentiate between civilians and military targets in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province.

“Two helicopters came, one shooting and dropping bombs. One group [of civilians] that was running raised their hands and they were not shot. But another group that was with the bandits did not raise their hands and they were shot,” one eyewitness to an attack in Mocímboa da Praia in late June 2020 told Amnesty International. “We saw this. Many people died there.”

Since October 2017, more than 1,300 civilians have been killed in a conflict involving DAG, the armed forces of Mozambique, and Islamist militants internationally known as Ahl al-Sunnah wa al Jamma’ah or ISIS-Mozambique, but locally as al-Shabaab (although unrelated to the group in Somalia). Amnesty’s report, based on remote interviews with survivors of the attacks, documents serious violations of international humanitarian law by all parties to the conflict that have left hundreds dead and driven more than half a million from their homes.

Ahl al-Sunnah wa al Jamma’ah’s insurgency in northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province has been marked by widespread suffering as the group has deliberately targeted civilians, frequently carrying out brutal machete attacks, beheadings, abductions of young women, and children including girls as young as seven, and village burnings. Their activity has only increased; the number of reported violent incidents linked to militant Islamist groups in Cabo Delgado jumped 129% in 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Africa Center. The number of fatalities associated with those attacks spiked even higher from 2019 to 2020, rising 169% to 1,600 deaths.

In response to the escalating violence, Mozambique’s troops have compounded the problem, carrying out a counterinsurgency campaign marked by a series of atrocities including extrajudicial executions, torture, and other abuses of civilians accused of supporting the insurgents. But after suffering a number of defeats in battle with the Islamist forces—where troops often stripped off their uniforms and fled from attack—the government of Mozambique hired DAG to fight Ahl al-Sunnah wa al Jamma’ah using armed helicopters.

“There is a problematic history of white South Africans fighting as mercenaries across the continent. Lionel Dyck, the founder of Dyck Advisory Group, is himself a former commander in the Rhodesian army. DAG is possibly violating South African law by fighting in Cabo Delgado, and both DAG and Mozambican government are responsible for any violations of the laws of war that occur during their operations,” Brian Castner, the Senior Crisis Advisor for arms and military operations at Amnesty International, told VICE World News. “If DAG can’t fulfill its contract obligations without killing civilians and targeting hospitals, then it has a duty to stop operating in Mozambique.”

Before Amnesty’s report, coverage of DAG had been mainly positive: A June 2020 article from The Telegraph said the group, made up of sharpshooters, many of them Angolan war veterans, were “hailed for ‘saving the day’” after a lengthy description of the group killing attackers in Cabo Delgado. Unidentified “insiders” were quoted as saying DAG “shot the shit” out of the militants; Dyck told the paper that “someone had to do it.”

Recently, a video titled “Mercenaries operating in Mozambique,” set to the tune of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son,” was posted to YouTube by The Team House, a podcast hosted by two former U.S. Army Rangers. The footage, a slideshow of still photographs and video clips of geriatric mercenaries, weapons, and an array of aircraft, casts the conflict as a splendid little war for those flying above the treetops. But on the ground, survivors said DAG treated civilians like the same people the mercenaries were hired to kill. “The helicopter was shooting at some people who were at the cemetery, and the helicopter shot against them but they were civilians,” said one survivor of a DAG attack on militants in the town of Macomia. “No one died but several were wounded, and they ran away to [the] forest. They were only civilians, mainly people living in that neighborhood.”

Neither the government of Mozambique nor the Dyck Advisory Group replied to requests for comment from Amnesty International and VICE World News, but the human rights group has called on all parties to the conflict to immediately stop targeting civilians and for the government of Mozambique to investigate these crimes.

Source: https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjp9em/white-south-african-mercenaries-are-killing-people-at-random-in-mozambique

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