S.Africa: 2006: Blacks and AIDS: Zulu Leader: 40%+ may be HIV+ – maybe even 50%

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[Despite these impressive numbers, AIDS does not seem to have had an effect because America sent insane amounts of expensive medicines to South Africa to save these worthless Blacks' lives. Jan]

Buthelezi, the leader of the IFP, and a Zulu Prince gave a speech recently. In it he mentioned that the ANC-led Govt has already lost the war on AIDS in this country.

He mentioned that according to some figures, as much as 40% of S.Africa’s population might be HIV(43)+ – and that according to others this might even grow to as much as 50%.

That is the first time I have heard a black leader talking like this.

On my website is an analysis by Dr Jan Du Plessis, a geostrategist in Pretoria. He did an analysis of S.Africa called “South Africa: Beyond Democracy”. His analysis was based on 30% of S.Africans being HIV(43)+. And the results of his study were horrific. He basically said S.Africa would collapse due to HIV alone. That study was done quite a long time ago.

So imagine now… with HIV maybe being at 40% or MORE… what it holds for this country… Dr Du Plessis’s study basically said that HIV alone will be the biggest single factor changing S.African society. He felt that not even Government would be able to match the power of change which HIV alone could force on this country – hence he referred to it as “Beyond Democracy”. In essence, he said, it does not matter what people want to do in this country – AIDS is going to force this country along a path that nobody can control or stop.

His predictions are coming true.

And Buthelezi, to his credit, is the first black leader to come out and openly state the horrific facts. Jan

Source: https://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=109214

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