Has there been any Scientific progress in Africa?

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[One of my supporters from the USA was reading an article about the Swedes and a submarine with some innovations on it. He then asked: What scientific progress has come from Africa? Jan]

He wrote:
For some reason we never hear of advances such as this from afrika. How about those negroes? What have they contributed to modern ships, tanks, helicopters, economies, anything? Beautiful buildings perhaps? Art? Technology? Skyscrapers? Hmmm…perhaps there IS a difference between races? Mud hut anyone? Or do you enjoy your lice free home with a solid roof? Maybe the negroes over there actually developed a new solar panel? I know, they mined, fabricated and built oil drilling rigs! What actually does that race do? What technology do they possess that stands out? Carved trees and sticks for art? Hand paintings with river mud that they have pissed in?

My reply:
The only progress that existed in Africa came from whites my friend. Nothing from these morons we co-exist with. Don’t even talk to me about "African art". I hate it. I hate it. I HATE IT. I observe, all the time that EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING that works in their stupid worthless lives COMES FROM THE WHITE RACE. All their nonsense, like Witchcraft, Voodoo, etc … doesn’t work. But they pretend the white man is the problem. They annoy the hell out of me.

Source: http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/photos-white-european-excellence-swedish-navy-submarines-have-a-unique-secret-weapon/#comment-4930795392

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