When Whites have their own personal views and interpretations of Christian Bible Scriptures


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[This is an email reply I sent to a man and lady who are Protestants and who made their own point which I disagreed with. Then the lady said that the two of them held this particular view or interpretations of the Bible. Jan]

I wrote:

Look, one thing I cannot fault you on, is the notion then that you have your own personal beliefs. I, myself, operated like that and I think that most Whites have been so betrayed and lost so much faith in things, that they too, are operating more and more on their own and thinking their own thoughts. It is the one thing, that at the end of the day, one cannot prescribe to people. I do respect that everyone has his right to THINK HIS OWN THOUGHTS. It’s a very personal thing.

And I do understand that people have personal spiritual and emotional needs. As it is, we are an austere people. It is one of our strong points. We are harsh on ourselves and on each other – but it is the root of our excellence.

In time, as we wade through the lies and all the crap, we will again build up our trust and agree more.

But the biggest thing holding up Whites, is this Jewish crap of dividing us constantly and showing us all kinds of fake Jewish rainbows… which point to everything … EXCEPT the OBVIOUS, which is White unity.

Even under the Roman Empire, there was freedom of religion. There were over 160 Pagan religions. There was freedom to worship (except for Christianity – but let’s not go there now, it’s not important).

So as a general principle, freedom of thought is something we’ve always had.

White unity will solve everything. Because as a people, we are generally honest with each other and we are rather austere, rather harsh, even when in fact, we mean well. We’re actually not emotional people.

The Boers and Germans and Europeans appear harsh when in fact they’re just very realistic and in many cases actually have hearts of gold.

Jews have totally turned our civilization into a chaotic mess … factor in the "Diversity" and you don’t know your ass from your elbow.

Hitler saw Whites as a GROUP, and this is something I want to return to, because this is valid. Professor Quigley raised this issue too.

Hitler’s view is DEAD RIGHT. We’re a BIOLOGICAL ENTITY… and we MUST stick together … from that ALWAYS comes FANTASTIC THINGS. ALWAYS.

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