Was COVID also responsible for South Africa’s lowest voter turnout? Did Whites stay away?


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[Here are some comments about South Africa’s lowest voter turnout
on Monday. Since I don’t vote and I don’t care, I was unaware of
the action procedures. But these comments seem fair. It also
suggests or hints that maybe Whites in particular stayed away.

The reader wrote:

Second thoughts about voting would likely have been affected by IEC covid protocols. People wish to vote without being subjected to a cursory medical checkup by non-health practitioners, strangers and not the subjects appointed physician.

This, despite the much spoken of asymptomatic spread.

It’s not merely apathy and poor weather. Intelligent, astute and educated are not only disillusioned but are more inclined to prepare themselves for eventualities such as civil war, local/global economic hardships and a possible hot war. imhoimage

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