IMPORTANT: NEW JEWISH FRONT: South Africa: A New Jewish move is fooling the Blacks and Whites: ActionSA


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I notice a new kid on the dumb block here in SA, and it’s called ActionSA. These days I’m so bored with the crap here because nothing significant here will EVER HAPPEN. *EVERYTHING* here, like in America, like in the rest of the Western world, is totally controlled by puppet-masters behind the scenes.


So in South Africa whenever something happens, just go and look who is involved and you’ll see what the puppet-masters are up to.

This is their website:

You’ll see just yet another flavour of Jewish Liberalism, with a bunch of the old actors, with a new shop face talking their liberal diversity crap.

So it starts with stuff like this which fools most people:-
South Africa must be a country where people’s potential to thrive is based on their ingenuity and hard work, regardless of the colour of their skin.

Then it starts it’s anti-White nonsense:

  • We cannot pretend that race is not a primary determinant of the future prospects of many South Africans. We must act as one to address this historical inequality
  • However, we reject the failed policies of Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and Affirmative Action as implemented by the current governing party. Breaking the cycle of racial inequality requires that we take action to implement real and substantive policies aimed at improving equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.
  • South Africans must act as one to challenge racism in all its forms and pro-actively work to break down racial stereotypes and racial prejudice

If you look at it more closely who are the new clowns on the dumb block?

From their wikipedia page it says: "

ActionSA is a South African political party established by former Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, soon after he left the Democratic Alliance.[1]"

Ok, so DA – Democratic Alliance is just one of the many chameleon faces of Jewish Liberalism in South Africa and Mashaba was in the DA.

When I had Jewish friends, my Jewish friend, more than ten years ago, was telling me how he was hobnobbing with the mayor of Johannesburg back then already.

On wikipedia, what is it’s ideology and positions? It says:

Ideology Liberalism
Direct democracy

Liberal conservatism

Political position Centre-right

All of these above are 100% in line with Jewish Liberal thinking. I see they now claim to be centre-right. They always used to be more like "centre" and then without saying it "centre-left". This allows them to switch sides without it being too obvious.

IN REALITY THEY CAN NEVER ACTUALLY BE RIGHT, because that would be pro-White (if you think in conservative terms), so secretly, they may fake it as "right" but they never really can go down that path. What these "Liberlals" never tell you is that they would much rather SIDE WITH COMMUNISTS than side with the Right Wing, and anything Right makes them go crazy. So they position themselves just enough to try and fake it for weak Whites who are, what Alex Linder would call: "Vote Fags" to be dumb enough to waste a vote on them.

I see on their website they come out with fake strong talk:-

Let’s Fix South Africa Final Rally

On Monday we will finally be our own liberators and begin the work to FIX South Africa.

But at the heart of it all they HATE WHITES:


The architects of Apartheid reprehensibly constructed the classification of people into race groups, and the legacy of that racial classification remains a significant determinant in an individual’s economic and social prospects in South Africa today.

So there you have it … the latest Jewish Political shop front in South Africa. It seems to be stocked by quite a number of old DA people and the DA is 100% Jewish – owned and controlled from top to bottom. More of the same old "Liberalism" … basically a political front for the Rich who are anti-White.

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