When White people necklace (lynch) Jews – Why Jews are afraid of White men with guns

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In my own studies of the issue of the holocaust (holohoax actually), I began to realise that white civilians, even in modern times, have killed Jews in public. Not only has it been happening in the age of the Internet, where good white American men have gone and shot Jews, but also in the past.

In particular, I began to realise that this happened in Eastern Europe. This is also why Zionism comes from Eastern Europe because the whites there got sick and tired of Jews and their BS.

There are killings of Jews in WW2 which actually took place which are blamed erroneously on Hitler and the NAZIS. There were times when white civilians went and killed Jews themselves! It is lied about as being “incited by the NAZIs” but the NAZIS were not involved in any way.

I also came across a big “Jewish massacre” that there is a memorial to, which never actually took place! The actual “eye witness” is a single Jew and the Jew’s story is actually impossible. I’ll revisit this.

It is the killing of Jews by whites – known in older times as pogroms, for which I think the South African term “necklacing” is very apt. Black Communists, like the ruling party, the ANC; taught their followers the tactic of “necklacing”. The concept behind it was to kill a traitor – specifically TRAITORS – in the most hideous was imaginable, in order to sow terror among their followers so that they do not work with the whites. The concept worked well.

When I look at American lynchings, there is no question that it is a form of “necklacing” except more humane of course. I had not realised that white civilians had actually openly killed Jews and that there were actual photographs of these instances. I was quite astounded by it.

More research revealed WHY the whites killed the Jews. It was payback for hideous things that had been done to the whites.

As I mused over this killing of Jews by white civilian men, it just reinforced my views that at the very HEART of so-called Gun Control in the USA, HAS TO BE AN INTENSE JEWISH FEAR OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN WHITE MEN BREAK INTO EXTREME ANGER AND BEGIN GUNNING DOWN JEWS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

The Jews must know, that when their devious, nefarious actions come to be known in public, that white men will just be running for their guns.

The Jews therefore must fear a time, like in Eastern Europe when there are sudden massacres of Jews on American soil by White males. There is no question or doubt in my mind that this is the big Jewish fear in the USA. They know that it is WHITE PEOPLE they are F*CKING OVER and that when the full scale of this becomes known, that white males across America will just be running for their guns to shoot every Jew in sight. That is why the Jews spend so much money, time and effort trying to remove guns from the hands SPECIFICALLY OF WHITE MALES.

My advice to white Americans is: KEEP YOUR GUNS AT ALL COSTS. Even lose your FREE SPEECH … but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LOSE YOUR GUNS.

Weapons are everything. Every other “human right” has no meaning. Only guns have meaning. Whites everywhere must thing in these terms. All white men on the planet, must ensure that they are armed in some way, for the future.

Those weapons will be useful in the decades to come. Most definitely.

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