Can there be a Boer Waffen SS in a South African Race war? – My Message to the Whites in SA


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This is a message I was disseminating among my friends and supporters:

THE VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH DR GAVIN SCROOBY: White preparations for medical training and tactical fighting in a war. The video I released a few days ago where Alex and I spoke to Dr Scrooby, went down well. I had 2 Americans ask me if they could join us. Last year when I was in the USA I had discussions, especially with an ex-Afghanistan vet, who was a NAZI, about fighting in a war in SA. I told him: Ignore what others tell you. I WILL TELL YOU WHEN THE WAR STARTS. Until then, just wait. I am getting more serious requests from white men who are willing to fight with us. I even had a question as to whether we will have a Waffen SS. For those who don’t know, the Germans had the Waffen SS, which was like the French Foreign Legion, only MUCH BETTER AND MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL. The Waffen SS was the greatest "Pan European" army ever created. It was composed of whites from across Europe who fought for Hitler. At its peak the Waffen SS was 1 million men strong, and 600,000 non-Germans (of which 100,000 were Dutch), fought for Germany. I know how these whites outside South Africa think. If we carry out our own efforts with THE HIGHEST PROFESSIONALISM, I think we could build ourselves a lovely Pan European army to help fight the blacks here. The topic of a Boer Waffen SS, is one dear to my heart, and part of my own thinking for something bigger aimed at saving White Western civilisation. But such a thing must be done with the highest standards of professionalism, including the "Racial education" and "Racial values" or else this thing will be a flop. But it has tremendous potential. The downside is that foreign Governments might all want to stop it. The topic is very complex, and I will discuss this in videos later. I also got a question from an American man, that I need to reply to. The man’s questions related to a war here and what our chances of survival would be. But the way the man worded it, shows a good understanding of military stuff. I am liking the nature of the questions from the white males overseas. Our chances of getting BIG SUPPORT versus tiny, wishy washy support in a war against the blacks will depend on how we handle ourselves and handle our approach to our own military force. NOTE: I CANNOT EMPHASISE ENOUGH THAT WE WILL NOT GET OFFICIAL MILITARY SUPPORT FROM OTHER NATIONS BUT THE MOST LIKELY CHANCE OF SUPPORT WILL BE FROM NORMAL WHITE PEOPLE. ALL OF OUR POLICY IN SAVING OURSELVES MUST FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY ON COMMON WHITES OUTSIDE SOUTH AFRICA. IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE THAT WE CAN GET WHITES FROM OTHER WESTERN COUNTRIES TO COME AND LIVE AMONG US. AGAIN, HOW WE HANDLE THIS WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US GETTING A TINY BIT OF SUPPORT AND BE A CLOWN SHOW, OR GETTING A MASS OF WHITES COMING TO LIVE AMONG US. A lot of these issues are questions we need to deal with among ourselves in order to formulate a working strategy for our survival and our subsequent growth. Yes, you heard me right, GROWTH and EXPANSION. In the coming weeks and months, the majority of my videos will be focused on fighting, race war, creation of a whites only state, white economics, white foreign policy, white interaction with other whites-only groups and states. Forget about us being a tiny group of losers in Africa. We are part of something enormous and VERY POWERFUL… the White/European Race, and you will see where our real friends are. FORGET the worthless politics of the Jewish controlled DA, etc. We don’t need all these things which are totally rigged against us. We can do much better. It is time for a "New Great Trek" … the white man will be on the move again… but the white man must be willing to face risk and danger … he is more than capable of doing this.

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