S.Africa: Black Bank Directors stole $109 million! (R1.5 billion)

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[So the cool part about being high ranking in a bank in South Africa is how much money you can STEAL! Even by South African standards this is a huge sum. But this didn’t get big mention! It is only a small article … despite the incredible scale of the theft! Jan]

In a report by VBS Bank’s curator, Anoosh Roopal, it revealed that the bank’s directors stole millions.

A senior official of PIC has allegedly received R5 million in return for VBS having a R350 million credit facility.

It appears that Daniel Msiza, the ANC’s Limpopo treasurer, as well as the ANC Youth League leader in Gauteng, Kabelo Matsepe, may also be involved in the “negotiations”.

The entire top structure of the bank is involved in fraudulent “negotiations” and dealings.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/vbs-mutual-bank-directors-stole-r1-5-billion/


In ‘n verslag van die kurator van VBS Bank, Anoosh Roopal, het dit aan die lig gebring  dat die direkteure van die bank miljoene gesteel het.

‘n Senior amptenaar van PIC het glo R5 miljoen ontvang in ruil daarvoor dat VBS ‘n krediet fasiliteit van R350 miljoen gekry het.

Dit blyk dat Daniel Msiza, die ANC se Limpopo tesourier, asook die ANC jeugliga leier in  Gauteng, Kabelo Matsepe, ook betrokke kan wees by die “onderhandelinge”.

Die hele topstruktuur van die bank word betrek by die bedrieglike onderhandelinge.
Source: http://www.dievryburger.co.za/kontak-ons-2/

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