Video: 1976: The Jew Kissinger after visiting Africa: The nail in the coffin of Rhodesia – My Comments

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Video: BANNED: The World War the Jews LOST! (1919-1939)
This video was not long on youtube when they banned it. I keep hearing from close friends as well as from other people who do analyses that the Jews ALWAYS WIN! The Jews NEVER LOSE! This is utter nonsense.

[Here is the Jew Kissinger after he visited Africa and spoke to Vorster of South Africa and Ian Smith of Rhodesia. What came out of that was the nail in the coffin of Rhodesia. The Jew told Smith and Vorster that the ONLY outcome for Rhodesia was for the Whites to hand over power to the Blacks and to have democratic elections. That was it. No other options. 4 years later, the Whites did that and it was the end of us. That is when I and my family left Rhodesia. This Jew finished us off. We had no options and ZERO SUPPORT from the USA while Russia and China were piling in the weapons for the Blacks. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: European Colonialism: How many Blacks did Whites kill? The MASSIVE Black Population Explosion
In this video I focus on the claim that whites just slaughtered and killed millions of blacks in Africa and I compare it with the actual population statistics of Africa.

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