The Best computer predictions from early 1970s: 2040s are the likeliest time for civilisation COLLAPSE


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I just want to draw your attention to some really interesting attempts at predicting the future that the elite engaged in. In 1972 MIT ran lots of computer predictions, based on population growth, technological advances, food production, population and other factors. They ran lots of different simulations with good and bad scenarios.

Of the scenarios that ran, there were many varied outcomes. But the one time which consistently came out as the worst time was the 2040s.

Furthermore, one of their WORST SCENARIOS, which was called "Business as usual 2", is the one which has proved to be the one which has been the script that the world has actually followed. This scenario is quite bad. So all the positive and good stuff is junk.

Another thing I’m noticing is that all the clever people involved in these predictions including a number of Professors and academics, is that everyone is looking for a PEACEFUL solution to the world’s problems. e.g. They are talking about people reducing population growth together, and at the same pace.

This is all JUNK THINKING.

My warning to everyone is that it looks to me as if we are heading for a time of CONFLICT.

I think we are heading toward big trouble. The fact that the Jews are pushing COVID intensely and insanely and doing tremendous damage to the world is also a bad sign.

The Jews were busy working to create a war with Germany in the early 1930s. In 1935, the Jews issued a request to the Free Masons of the World to start a war with Germany BY ANY MEANS at the earliest. They wanted WW2 to start by 1936.

Anyway, I think we’re in a similar scenario.

I do no see any reasonable historical reason to believe that all this mess can be solved peacefully. There is NO HISTORICAL reason why this should be so.

Instead, history shows us that people fight and scrounge for everything they can.

Expect WAR … to build up in some way, despite the Elite trying by all means to stop it.

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