WARNING TO WHITES: Liberalism is VERY DANGEROUS – It is anti-White & leads to Communism

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[This is something from a discussion I was having with Jim Rizoli who does excellent work. Jan]

I wrote:
I have nothing but the utmost contempt for Jews and their fellow travellers. But of course, I must distinguish between the Jews and the super rich whites. The super rich whites are learning treason.

But the Jews are the masters of every means of deviance known to man. Treason is just one of many tools in their tool kit.

I will reiterate my view that Liberalism leads directly to Communism and that the NATURAL ALLY OF LIBERALISM IS COMMUNISM.

I used to think, erroneously, that Liberalism is halfway between Communism and Conservatism. That’s what my Jewish friend told me.

And as always that is a LIE! That’s a huge lie. Instead, look at history going back to WW2 and you’ll see that Liberalism ALWAYS SIDES WITH COMMUNISM AGAINST WHITES.

They did not just do it to Hitler. They do it to ALL OF US, even right now.

Jewish Liberalism opens the door to Jewish Communism and the biggest enemy of that system is ALWAYS WHITES. ALWAYS.

I have been looking at the work of the German economist Professor Werner. He is a genius. He explains clearly and has written academic papers to prove his points.

He shows what a total scam banking is and how the Germans do banking.

Ironically, you will find that the best system is a WHITE STATE. The STATE must be POWERFUL and HONEST.

That is the only way. That is what Hitler and Mussolini were forced to do. It is the only way to survive.

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