A Black State for Blacks in America: If Black Americans were sane … the Unique achievement of the Boers in Africa

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3 South African cities now rank among the 20 most violent in the world
This is an international report that was published recently. At this source link you‘ll see some interesting charts and statistics. South Africa was never like this under Apartheid.

[I was discussing with some Americans a funny story where some blacks in America bought a chunk of land so blacks could settle there "to be safe". Hahahaha. Of course, if black Americans want to be "safe" then they need to be removed from the presenceĀ of other black Americans since they are their own worst enemy. I laughed so much at the story of these idiotic black Americans who now "want safety" and want their own "community" along with their own land. I laugh so much whenever I hear these black Americans who want a state of their own! If there's anything that is a 110% proven failure it is a black state ruled by blacks. But I think this is a winning idea … FOR WHITES. Of course it's ok, in the hypocritical American Jewish media for blacks in America, who are not native to America to have their own state. Yet, the same thing is NOT ALLOWED for whites in Africa! The Jewish/Liberal paradigm is breaking down badly, and I'm enjoying the hypocrisy and laughing so much at these nonsensical ideas proposed by these worthless black Americans who are TOO DISHONEST to admit that everything good in their lives comes from the fact that they are a minority in a WHITE COUNTRY and enormous benefits are coming to them from this association. Below is what I wrote to the Americans regarding this story. But their comments and thoughts were great and I had a good bunch of laughs. These idiotic blacks, especially these black Americans whose minds have been twisted by the Jew, are laying the groundwork for their own demise. Jews have unleashed so many devils in so many countries, and black politics is just one of them. This was my reply. Jan]

I did not say anything about them making their own world impossible to live in…. šŸ™‚ And of course you are DEAD RIGHT. In fact, from my viewpoint here in Africa, I can tell you that these blacks, along with the whites here, along with Russia and China, and along with America and the UN, etc… WE HAVE TRIED EVERY SINGLE METHOD OF HELPING THESE PEOPLE… and the answer is: NOTHING WORKS! The *ONLY* thing that ever worked in Africa, without exception, was COLONIALISM – EUROPEAN COLONIALISM. European Colonialism is the *ONLY* thing that ever worked, and when it left, everything began imploding. Neither Russia NOR MIGHTY CHINA were ever able, even in the tiniest way to assist the blacks, and believe me, they tried. The Chinese were the first here in Africa stoking the blacks up against us. They threw in lots of money, and even built railways lines to get the blacks to be INDEPENDENT OF THE WHITES. How did that work? Mostly a flop. Nothing works in Africa and Liberalism/Jews/Communism working with Blacks … NONE OF THAT WORKS! It just slides down slowly. Europe, only Europe, made Africa work … EVER.

Of course any black that you Americans can get out of America back to Africa … do it. Once here, it’s a total stuff up. Liberia, was a total fiasco. The bottom line is, that according to WHITE/EUROPEAN STANDARDS, these people CANNOT RULE THEMSELVES. But when we rule them, their lives are far far better.

But the deeper question is: Should we rule them? We DO have the ability to rule these people again. However, I don’t think it’s a wise long term move. This is a fascinating topic and when I get a chance I will say more.

Let me state that my conclusion after a lifetime of pondering this problem and studying these people here, is that African countries, including South Africa will FRAGMENT and Balkanize. The process already started decades ago and it will NOT STOP. Africa is returning to what it was, slowly, step by step.

The Boers are the only local whites who, without any funding from any wealthy business or Government, actually managed to found and exist on their own territories here. What the Boers did, was unique. There is no parallel. They were private citizens who set out to found and create their own nations in a territory where blacks also had chunks of land. The Boers were able to deal with the blacks, have treaties, and also went to war with blacks, while having black allies. In the end, the Boers came out on top.

Do not be fooled by the size of our white population in Africa. If we increased our population and our unity, and we knuckled down to seize land for our race, it would be very doable.

As for Black Americans, they are caught between a rock and a hard place. They actually have NOTHING. They are too miserable and rotten to accept that the only reason they exist or even live well is because of the WHITE NATION they are a minority in. If they were sane, which a few of them are, they would grovel on their hands and knees and never cause whites a problem. e.g. like Pastor Manning. Manning is the only black who is actually sane. All the others who spit in your faces, are fools. And they really have little choice. They cannot fight you for any territory because they would lose, UNLESS of course, JEWS allow them to win like is happening currently with BLM and Jews and Liberals. Their only other option is to move to Africa, and the vast majority of them would never want to set foot in any part of it. A few even came to SA but I have never in my life met a black American who stayed in Africa permanently. They are too used to the comforts of the USA.

If they were honest, they would admit that White Americans gave them a life and hope they would never have had. There was that black American who said: Thank God for Slavery. A rare instance of truthful honesty.

But if they wish to fight you, they will lose. Furthermore, what culture or hope or place do they have? Well, they only have their culture and place as has been created in the USA. They have nothing else and are too weak and pathetic to survive outside the USA. If they were sane they would fight tooth and nail TO BE RULED BY WHITE AMERICA. If they were sane… which, thanks to the Jews they no longer are.

These peoples are all idiots, living and hanging onto the coattails of white achievement everywhere. These people are so pathetic they can hardly exist by themselves. If they had to feed themselves they would soon die of starvation. In Africa, the UN, USA, etc have fed these people and kept them alive with medicines OTHERWISE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS WOULD HAVE DIED. They are only alive due to the kindness of whites. That’s all.

My own view is that Jews, blacks and all these hangers-on and parasites, who are treasonous by the way, should indeed be allowed to have their own space and shoved into it, and left to themselves. You will see, that if left to themselves, how they will perish. The billion blacks of Africa can easily die out. Easily.

If we returned to our conquering ways of pre-Christian times, and these peoples wanted to fight us, they would all lose.

They are no match, whatsoever, for the white man, once he is settled on the ground and once he is building, working and breeding. His system is superior.

In the same way that whites took over America and Canada until you controlled every square inch of it, the same can be repeated elsewhere. But the Boers are probably the best example of this in Africa. They are the only whites who had no financial or government ties back to any other nation. They had to carve out their territory and make a life for themselves, and it worked… a lone little white tribe surrounded by blacks. This system can work again and it is a system no different to what whites have used for thousands of years. AND it can be used in the future when Liberalism breaks down and even if and when America Balkanizes.

The key is racial unity, and standing together militarily. It will flatten all these other peoples. Our race has such enormous power if we can just get the white males to stand together.

The future is a future of breakup, secession, etc. And whites will come out winners from this. Big time.

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This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

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