S.A: Crime: Police warn about ‘rape case’ scam, Durban – My Comments

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[Just more of the crazy crimes and nonsense that are invented in this country. Jan]

Members of the community are cautioned about a current scam taking place in the Durban area where a person claiming to be ‘Colonel Van Niekerk’ from Provincial Head Office would call people and tell them they have a rape case against them and a warrant of arrest has been issued. He would promise to assist them to evade arrest if they pay him an amount of money.

In a recent incident a potential victim was told that he was a suspect in a rape case and the sex worker who was not paid for services had opened a case of rape. The victim was told to pay the escort agency an amount of R3000-00 in order to evade prosecution as a warrant of arrest was issued. The victim knew that he was not a suspect in any case of rape and was surprised by the whole ordeal.

We are appealing to the community not to fall victim to such scams. Under no circumstances will a police officer will ask for money from suspects or the victims of crime.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/kwazulu-natal/police-warn-about-rape-case-scam-durban/

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