S.Africa: LOTS of rolling Blackouts and Electrical weirdness – My Experiences

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In recent weeks, but especially in recent days we’ve had a lot of power outages. Yesterday (Thursday) I had 6 hours without electricity in the evening. But the power outages occur at random times. You can’t keep up with it all.

I noticed when driving around, and also in my suburb that the lamp post lights are ALL ON DURING THE DAY!!! Can you believe that? They complain about there not being enough electric power, but they have the lamppost lights on during the day!

Yesterday I was a bit stressed over how my battery bank was handling the outages at night. So today I dived in and made various urgent changes and sorted out several things. By this evening I was very much happier with my electrical setup. To my amazement I’ve not had many outages tonight. But like I say, they do crazy things and you never really know when they’ll switch off the lights.

I’m feeling very comfortable with my solar panels and battery bank since I made my changes.

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