Video: Untold Story of South Africa’s Greatest Rightwing Organisation


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This is the incredible story of 4,000 White males who were intent on fighting and surviving a black race war if the blacks were going to attack us. But this is not the story you hear about.

Instead you hear about the Boeremag who are in jail. There are about 20+ White Boer Christians now in jail in South Africa. They are in jail for planting bombs and trying to start a race war more than a decade ago. But they are not the heroes. They are the the ones who were misled by someone who never went to jail. Some of them will be in jail for life. But there were other white men, about 4,000 of them. They originally started the organisation now known as The Boeremag.

When the organisation was penetrated by Govt agents and misled and it tried to start a war based on the Siener Van Rensburg “prophecies” … these men slipped away quietly into the shadows where they lie in wait… These are the white men who were NOT outwitted by our enemies! And they’re still out there waiting… Its good to know! As my brother, who was in the Rhodesian SAS said: “Run away … and live to fight another day!”

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