Christianity? – 100 Blacks starve themselves to death – Doomsday Cult


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[I've come across stories of Blacks who try to go like Jesus without food. I'm not sure if this is related. But this might also be some kind of Christian End Times belief. Jan]

Authorities in Kenya have started performing autopsies on over 100 bodies of members of a religious cult who starved themselves to death.

The investigators exhumed the bodies of 10 children on Monday and found signs of starvation and in some cases asphyxiation.

The Christian-based cult was founded by Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, a former taxi driver, who has been in police custody since April 14th.

Reports suggest the cult leader is refusing food and water.

According to the Kenyan Red Cross, more than 300 people have been reported missing.

On Sunday, Kenyan President William Ruto said he would appoint a judicial commission of inquiry this week to investigate the tragedy.


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