Video: Portuguese Rhodesian Soldier speaks: Incredible corruption of super-rich Blacks & Whites!

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I have a real treat for you. I’m going to introduce you to a Portuguese Rhodesian who was in the elite Selous Scouts and later in the South African special forces unit, the Recces. I dealt with Johnny and met him when I was doing stuff on AfricanCrisis ten years ago and we were even meeting face to face in Johannesburg. We were sharing information on the hideous things that Mugabe and the black communists were doing to blacks and whites there.

Johnny has also been poisoned by the black commies and he’s going for medical tests. In the show we discuss this. We start off by looking at modern Zimbabwe and South Africa and what Johnny has learned about what really goes on here and what he has to say is shocking.

Johnny stayed on in Zimbabwe for as long as he could but in the end he had to get out for fear of his life and he now lives in Portugal. But his interest in Zimbabwe, especially the wild animals continues.

In this interview, Johnny discusses the nightmare that has been unleashed on southern Africa, especially in Zimbabwe and South Africa due to communism. We talk about assassinations and the incredible corruption of the super-rich blacks and whites where the only law is MONEY! With money you can do anything.

He also explains why he believes that Roy Bennett was assassinated in the USA. He confirms my suspicions that Roy Bennett was firmly on his way to becoming the first WHITE PRESIDENT of Zimbabwe – a white man who would have been voted into power by blacks, and why he was killed by black communists.

In future shows we will discuss many things about his experiences in Rhodesia and South Africa.

You can contact him:

Johnny Rodrigues at ZCTF: Phone: 351 962 064 646

Email- [email protected]

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