Chart: World Bank: Plunging income per person in southern Africa from 1960-2012 – Under Black Rule

[Take a look at this chart I found. Here you can see, even by the World Bank’s twisted standards the income per person in Southern Africa has been plummeting for decades. Rhodesia which became Zimbabwe in 1980 can be seen clearly as falling. Mozambique which was Portuguese became black in 1974. So they don’t show the statistics of white rule. Only Botswana moved upwards and that is because Botswana is the only country which communism did not manage to get control in and they are friendly to the West. Look at South Africa which came under black rule in 1994. But the whites and globalists have a lot of influence on the economy. So its been wobbling along. I don’t have the numbers after 2012. But this should show you what liars the Liberals, Jews and commies were. They brought nothing but destruction to southern Africa. Jan]

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