2002: (Boerevolk-Krygers) Boer Nation Warriors planted bombs to blow up Blacks

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Original Post Date: 2002-11-12 Posted By: Jan

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Date & Time Posted: 11/12/2002 1:16:29 AM
Boer Nation Warriors planted bombs

A group calling themselves the Boer Nation Warriors (Boerevolk-Krygers) have claimed responsibility for the recent bomb blasts in Soweto and Bronkhorstspruit, the Afrikaans daily newspaper Beeld reported on Monday.

According to reports, the group sent letters, which carried a black and red logo, to several media organisations via e-mail and signed them off only as the “Warriors of the Boer Nation”.

The origins and credibility of the letters would be investigated by the police. In the letters the Boer Nation Warriors said the bomb blasts were the
“beginning of the end of the ANC government”.

They accepted full responsibility for the blasts and said they marked the end of the oppression of the Boer nation.

The right-wing group also demanded that 35 of their compatriots be released from prison, just as President Thabo Mbeki had pardoned 35 prisoners earlier in the year. They said the 18 members of the
so-called Boeremag must be part of the 35 released.

The Warriors threatened that the ANC would be held accountable and suffer consequences before and during the “false and worldly festive season” if their demands were not met.

The letter and its contents came to light after the police over the weekend released pictures of six men they wanted to question in connection with right-wing activities, including the Soweto and Bronkhorstspruit blasts.

It was also the first time that a group had claimed
responsibility for the bomb blasts, which killed a woman, wounded her husband and caused millions of rands damage to railway lines around Soweto, as well as a Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit.

In another development in the ongoing investigation into right-wing activities, the Star newspaper reported that police were investigating the possibility that a female corporal who was arrested at the Potchefstroom army base in the North West, could be linked to right-wing groups.

The corporal, who was arrested last week according to reports, had allegedly stolen ammunition and computer software in her possession.

Three of the six men being sought by police are the sons of a medical doctor from Mokopane in Limpopo, Johan “Lets” Pretorius, who was arrested recently after police confiscated a truck containing medical equipment and weaponry.

Pretorius is in custody with 17 others, including the alleged leader of the Boeremag, Tom Vorster, who was arrested a week ago. They are to stand trial in the Pretoria High Court on charges of treason and terrorism in May next year.

The other men being sought by the police are 28-year-old Herman van Rooyen, 25-year-old Rudie Gouws and 63-year-old Herman Visagie, all three from Bela-Bela (Warmbaths).

The three brothers are 29-year-old Kobus Pretorius, 25-year-old Wilhelm Pretorius and Johan Pretorius Jnr. – Sapa

Source: Daily Mail & Guardian
Date: 11 November 2002 07:22
URL: http://www.mg.co.za/Content/l3.jsp?o=11867

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=101403

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