Video & Audio: Rockwell: ALL Whites EVERYWHERE need Political Armies – Waging Political Warfare


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This is the strange story of how the Belgians were forced out of their own colony by the globalist United Nations and how America sided with communists. Facing them were Blacks who were supported by the Belgians, South Africans and Rhodesians.

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The awesome White American man, George Lincoln Rockwell, came up with the idea that Whites needed a “Balanced Political Army”. In this video I chat to Robert, an American guy I know in the movement and we discuss Rockwell as well as his ideas and what it means.

Our (((enemies))) use endless amounts of dirty tricks to destroy our politics and our movements, and we need to find ways to fight back.

There is no doubt that Whites need many non-violent methods of fighting back against the (((anti-White))) scum who are trying to control and break White politics. The White Right is merely a general reflection of what common White people genuinely desire.

This was recorded on: 2022-09-01.

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