My Analysis: How White South African built World Class Weapons during Apartheid – France, Portugal & Brilliant Europeans

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[With regard to the video I posted about the amazing Brazilians (Whites of course), who produced a tank in the 1980s that beat the US Abrams tank. This was a commentary I wrote about the lessons from this amazing Brazilian tank. Jan]

This is very important for the future. The Whites in South Africa created first class weapons, that in some cases exceeded anything from America and they ALWAYS achieved those results by working with EUROPEANS.
Look at how easy it is to create really FIRST CLASS WEAPONS. And these Brazilians were no doubt White. South Africa’s Rooivalk attack helicopter could match the American Apache AND IT WAS A FRACTION OF THE PRICE to produce. The G5 and G6 were the most advanced artillery in the world and the GENIUS behind that was a Canadian (White of course). The fantastic Canadian genius was later murdered by the Israeli Mossad!

America has an ARTIFICIAL control of world military sales. They have been doing this since the 1950s. In the 1950s, the Germans, still picking up the pieces of their shattered lives, had plans for seriously advanced jet fighters that could do things no other jet fighters in the world could do. The Germans tried to interest the Americans in the concepts and the Americans turned it down.

The European nations, even small ones, often are first class experts in certain very advanced military technologies. The Swedes, for example, have a long history of amazing military innovation. But the Italians and others also have serious abilities. The Germans and French are just plain amazing.

The Russians have a CHEAP military philosophy that I like, and they produce amazingly cheap weapons that are quite a match for America.


The Europeans are the only ones who helped us in Africa. I have a LOT of respect for the French and Portuguese.

The Italians have some amazing science and engineering. South Africa bought a light jet aircraft in large numbers from Italy that we called the "Impala".

ALL OUR WEAPONS CAME FROM EUROPE when we were fighting the blacks.

It was only certain missiles that South Africa sourced from Israel in the 1980s, but they were more for preparation for use in long range rockets and in preparation for a possible South African space program.

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