South Africa: Are Blacks preparing militarily for a revolution against Whites? – Also Namibia & Botswana weirdness?


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[This has been doing the rounds for several days. I see it even made it into our ever useless Liberal newspapers. A friend who looked into some of this says its not true. But as you will see there is definitely some weirdness afoot.

Part of it might actually black attempts to scare whites deliberately.

This is the first time I’ve seen such an openly flagrant advert for blacks to do this. I think the conclusion that these are “attention seeking” young communists is the most correct. They didn’t get much support. The truth is that whites actually do much more shooting than this. The advert is clearly aimed at race hatred and attacking whites. It appeared on Facebook I think.

I like it when blacks think like this. Let them try their luck, they’ll come off second best.

The main take-away from this should be: It clearly shows the racial hatred and communism which is getting to these blacks. Their intent is bad, and that’s the main take-away from this.

BOTSWANA: The neighbouring country of Botswana is a US Ally. It is the most stable country in southern Africa and the only “free Western” one. However the richest man in SA, a black, named Motsepe, was caught with R22 million ($1.5 million), in cash which he seemed to be smuggling into Botswana. He seems to be messing with its politics. Several years ago, the ANC, the rulers of SA were busy trying to foment communism in Botswana. It failed. But this time a new political party has risen. So there is the possibility of minor instability in a very rare black country that has never seen any instability. The UK also is closely linked to Botswana.

NAMIBIA: Formerly German South West Africa: I heard rumours that blacks might be training in the south of Windhoek for some racial conflict. But its a rumour and I’ve not received further info.

FINAL ANALYSIS: All of this will lead to nothing, however it does show INTENT to harm/scare whites. It does show hostility in their camp. Nothing that is happening is of such a nature that it presents a true threat to whites in any way. But, it does show hostility, and we should also not take hostile intent lying down either.

Below is the advert that the blacks put on Facebook, etc – which was doing the rounds. Apparently this is not racist!! Jan]

Johannesburg – A radical rights group hosted a “blacks only” event at a secret location in Joburg on Saturday to acquire the necessary military skills so that “Black Power” could be advanced.

The Black Centric Forum (BCF) posted invitations on social media to its camp, where attendees would be trained in the use of military weapons.

BCF founder and president Sizwe Maphindani, 33, said the group planned to take its programme around the country.

Maphindani insisted its skills impartation programme was not aimed at perpetuating violence, but at empowering black people, who were “a widely defenceless” group.

Speaking after the training on Saturday, he said 39 recruits attended the event which cost R400 for each attendee. The fee included 30 rounds of ammunition, ear- and eye- protection gear and entry to a shooting range.
An invitation posted by Black Centric Forum (BCF). Photo: Facebook.

While Maphindani said the response was below what had been expected, he said the event was a success in terms of the greater objective.

“Politicians have been giving us slogans instead of land. They have given us dialogue instead of reparations. So it has become necessary for us to defend ourselves, to be on common ground with preceding imperialists.

“We foresee a revolution.”

He said BCF was formed two years ago and had 2700 members. “We formed the movement to address the urgency of reparations for black people who were affected by apartheid and colonialism.

“We also want to participate in the self-determination of black people… and ensure their psychological rehabilitation, economic independence, social upliftment and so forth.”

Earlier this week, the ANC Youth League also said it was preparing for a spring weekend camp where members would receive military, gun handling and guerrilla tactics training at a cost of R500 a person.

However, on Wednesday, the ANC distanced itself from the plans and the league apologised.

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) expressed concern at the event’s racial exclusion and firearm training.

“We know firearms contribute to a high rate of violent crimes and murders. The SAHRC encourages South Africans to steer clear of violent solutions or violent mechanisms in dealing with their problems,” said Gushwell Brooks, head of communications.

Brooks added that the event “did not help in social cohesion and building the society that we want, based on diversity, equality, peace, dignity as well as freedom of all within SA”.

Gun Free SA director Adèle Kirsten, said arming oneself against any perceived threat was not a solution. “It only serves to generate an ongoing cycle of violence, resulting in a domestic arms race. It will add to our levels of feeling unsafe, rather than make us feel safer.”

Kirsten said citizens could not legally own fully-automatic weapons, in reference to what looked like two soldiers in combat gear carrying automatic weapons on the BCF’s invitation.

“Therefore, providing training in such types of weapons will be an offence, according to the Firearms Control Act.”

She said all firearms training academies, including shooting ranges, had to be accredited by authorities, and police would need to verify whether or not the undisclosed range was accredited.

Gabriel Crouse of the Institute of Race Relations said it was possible for the BCF’s event to cause some damage. However, at this stage it was unlikely.

“Public evidence indicates that the BCF is no more than an attention-seeker with practically no support. IRR surveys indicate that the majority of South Africans, black and white, are against race-based revenge, violence and harm, and believe we all need to work together to enjoy prosperity and dignity.”

Crouse said people had the legal right to bear arms and to train in the use of those arms, and these rights unquestionably extended to those who attended the BCF training event.

Sunday Tribune


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