The real reason Jews don’t eat pork? And why is there a Jewish Sabbath? Shabbat


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[I was going through a fascinating PDF someone sent me, and in it, were interesting points about the Jews. I am not 100% sure how accurate this is, but these were some conclusions that were stated in the PDF. In the note below, the stuff about the Crusaders comes from my Boer NAZI pal. That has to do with what the Knights Templars found on the crusades and also why the Pope and the Knights split apart. That's another topic. But the bottom line is that these Christians, driven by their beliefs in the mythical and wonderful Jews/Israelites/Israel/Jerusalem fought their way to free the (fake) Holy Land. But once they got there, what they found was very different! Note in the piece below my mention of the Roman Emperor who was inside the much talked about Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem! Jan]

This is a quick summary:

Why don’t the Jews eat pork? They give many reasons. But the original cause of this may be the time when the Jews worshiped a pig god. The Jews claim that they have always been monotheists who only believe in the one true God of Israel. But the fact is that Jews actually worshipped many gods in the past including the God moloch to whom they gave baby sacrifices. Living babies were thrown into fires for the God moloch. But there was also a pig god whom the Jews worshipped and they also worshipped a donkey. Another interesting question is why the Jews have a day of rest they call the sabbath. To my knowledge no European pagan religion had a day of rest. This is a uniquely Jewish thing. According to roman historians, the original Jews were the dregs, the scum of Egyptian society. Among them were a lot of lepers who were physically weakened by their illness. It may be from this that they needed a day of rest which they called shabbat. There is much about Jews that the Christian Bible does not talk about but it is written up by other historians. There is also the incident when a Roman emperor walked into the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and he was keen to see the statue of the god of the Jews. All temples of the pagans had statues of their gods. He was astounded to find very little in the Jewish temple but there were piles of money in it. Another fascinating topic are the Christian crusades to the holy land. What exactly did they find in Israel once they got there? That too may have not been what they expected.

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