Zimbabwe Is Now A Banana Republic -Chamisa

[Chamisa is the head of the opposition MDC. Jan]

Chamisa made the remarks after the abduction of Dr Peter Magombeyi.

Said Chamisa: I pray for the return of Dr Peter Magombeyi,the President of the Doctors Association who was abducted on Saturday night.

We can’t build a united nation when our doctors are underpaid and abducted when they raise legitimate concerns.

It shows a lack of consent to govern!

The State can’t claim not to know where Dr Magombeyi is,it has a duty to protect citizens.Failure to do so points towards an incapable or incompetent State or both.Citizens can’t live in fear of being abducted, moreso for expressing their rights.This defines a banana republic!”

Dr Magombeyi was abducted by suspected state security agents.

Source: https://www.zimeye.net/2019/09/16/zim-is-now-a-banana-republic-chamisa/

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