SHUTTING WHITE FREE SPEECH UP IN SA: Sharing Fake news on Phones is a Crime in S.Africa with 6 months prison


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Blacks in Africa believe in Witchcraft like crazy. Even Black Christians regard Witchcraft as more powerful than the Bible. Murders of Blacks for body parts for Witchcraft goes on in Africa all the time. Here‘s a story from SA.

Just a note: According to the regulations that they snuck in under the radar of this COVID garbage, they enacted a law, no doubt aimed mostly at whites, whereby sharing “fake news” is a crime that can hit you with a 6 month jail sentence.

They are basically trying to shut up whites on their phones. We use our phones INTENSIVELY mainly for anti-crime and safety. Its the main way that we whites are able to survive in SA. Our phones literally are the thing that saves our lives and we run lots and lots of white groups on our phones.

Now these sons of bitches are trying to make us shut down our phone groups and are trying to scare us into silence with threats of jail time for fake crimes.

This is a very important point and I’ll return to it.

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