From Jan: Tired as a dog … struggling to recover…

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Video: More scientific proof that IQ is in hereditary - Jews lie for their Survival
I look at recent scientific evidence to see what scientists know about IQ. The Liberals/Jews and other scum like to pretend that IQ is NOT hereditary. They try by any means to misdirect whites away from this direction. But what does Science say exactly? Scientists have suspected for long that IQ is mainly hereditary. But if you believe things are hereditary, then you‘re heading down the path of ‘Scientific Racism‘ which is something Liberal/Jews do NOT like!

I must tell you, I’m as tired as can be after the last month. I’ve been trying to rest and so far no matter how much I rest, I am still tired! I think it will take me another day or two or three to recover my energy.

I’m looking forward to tackling videos again. I have so many videos even in my backlogs to get up.

September was a hectic month for me. But I’m happy about how it turned out.

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