S.Africa: Major Farmers organisation warns the Police about upcoming Mass Strike Violence

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[In the end, Whites in SA will find that we must gather together, with our weapons and monitor these Black strikes ourselves. The Police are anti-White and they let the Blacks get away with violence. Jan]

Thursday | 18 August | 2022

With unions wanting to bring the country to a standstill with a mass strike on 24 August, TLU SA calls on the South African Police Service (SAPS) to be honest with the country’s residents and show that it has the capacity and the will to protect the country, its inhabitants and infrastructure.

“That there may be sabotage to infrastructure is a reality,” says Mr Bennie van Zyl, TLU SA General Manager.

“In the past, there have been several cases where the SAPS stands by and just watches damage to property take place. Blame belongs to the government that does not fulfil its responsibility to protect the inhabitants of the country. Are the SAPS honest with the residents of our country about its contingency plan and whether it has the capacity to handle the situation that it should know by now is going to get out of hand?”

According to Mr Van Zyl, it is now time for the SAPS to show that it still can apply the laws of the land.

“There are hopelessly too many cases of the SAPS abandoning its duty to protect the country and its residents. There are those who are already beginning to ask whether our country has become ungovernable. Now is the opportunity for the government and the SAPS to act strongly.”

Source: https://www.tlu.co.za/en/saps-has-been-warned/

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