Battle of Blood River: Day of the Vow – ‘Guard against the invisible enemy that wants to destroy the Afrikan er’s dignity’

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[The Battle of Blood River was changed officially to being some kind of reconciliation stuff. But among the Boers it is "The Day of the Vow" (with God, when God saved them). And for them, the significance of it has not changed at all. Jan]

Day of the Vow - 'Guard against the invisible enemy that wants to destroy the Afrikaner’s dignity'. Photo: PixabayDay of the Vow – ‘Guard against the invisible enemy that wants to destroy the Afrikaner’s dignity’. Photo: Pixabay

The Day of the Vow (Geloftedag) cannot be pit against Reconciliation Day and the two must not be played off against each other. Instead, the opportunity must be used to create a win-win situation for everyone who wants to commemorate this day.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald, who delivered a speech during the Day of the Vow celebrations in Ventersdorp said “As leader of the FF Plus, I commemorate it as the Day of the Vow seeing as it is an important part of the Afrikaner history.It is not for the government to decide what is important and of value for certain people. It is for the Afrikaner nation to decide for itself whether or not they want to commemorate the vow.

The ANC likes to talk about reconciliation and Reconciliation Day, but it is clear that what the ANC government says and what it does are two different things. It is alarming that at present, despite the lip service about reconciliation, the only thing that is created is polarisation between black and white.

In this regard, the role of President Cyril Ramaphosa deserves mention. A case in point is the recent events at Brackenfell High School where the President defended the EFF’s conduct by saying that it is the EFF’s constitutional right to hold protest actions at schools.

In this case, President Ramaphosa chose sides against the school without first making sure of the facts. His statements violate the right to freedom of association and undermine reconciliation, while it is, in fact, the President’s constitutional duty to bring about reconciliation in South Africa.

Clearly, the President is failing to perform his duty in this regard.

The Afrikaner nation needs to realise that in 1838, there was a visible enemy with the Battle of Blood River. The new enemy is, however, invisible.

This enemy is much more dangerous seeing as he performs his work of destruction in secret. It is a covert attack on things like the Afrikaner’s language and culture in an attempt to make him ashamed of who and what he is.

Add to that the constant accusations that everything that goes wrong in the country is the white people’s fault and that they ‘stole’ the land.

It is against the attacks of this invisible enemy that the Afrikaner must defend himself in the future. And in order to do this he must empower himself with knowledge about his culture and history.

The truth is that the Afrikaners who came to this country have built it up for the benefit of all who live in this country. Be proud of that and continue to build on the Afrikaner’s cultural foundation – be part of those who build up and not those who break down”.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Dr Pieter Groenewald on FF Plus


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