The Chinese are naturally like Jews & will easily behave like & emulate Jews – Japanese will hate Jews


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[On my bitchute channel, a man who has lived a long time in Asia made some fascinating comments about the Chinese. He also mentions that the Japanese are the only Asians would not easily fall for the Jewish ways. He also talks about how many books he sees which tell the Chinese to be like the Jews.
I know that in about 2012, that in Israel, that the Jews have a project to translate 500 of the most important Jewish books into Chinese. China is a huge investment for the Jews.
But what I found most fascinating were this guy's comments on WHY the Chinese will be in awe of Jews and will then emulate them. Jan]

He wrote:

I personally believe one of the worst things that the Apartheid system did was to give Taiwanese and Hong Kong people the same status as “whites”, which then allowed Mainland Chinese to cheat the system and also attain that status through bureaucratic Macgyverism.
The truth of the matter is that the Chinese are indeed, the Jews of Asia. Their behavior, culture, ideology, and group values, down to the way they are treated in places where they are a minority, all mirror the Jewish society with the sole exception of two: Religion and the Worker-Manager mindset. The Chinese in the latter aspect is much like a lungfish, able to switch between both mindsets in a snap according to the surroundings they’re in. This was what allowed them to build great Empires. At the same time, they play the exact same role in Southeast Asia as does the Jewish diaspora do in the West. It’s just less well known because it’s Southeast Asia.

The cornerstone of this is not because of communism, but the “Emulate what is successful for you” Taoist-Confucian mentality that is deeply ingrained in their culture, for over 3000 years.
As a result, is no such thing as an “enlightened” or “redpilled” Chinese. When an Aryan man is exposed to Jewish subversion, he finds it disgusting, revolting and rejects the notion. In contrast, a Chinese man exposed to the same scenario would stare in awe and morbid curiosity, then strive to learn and emulate such practices. The only East Asian society that did not fall under this curse was the Japanese, as during Feudal times (Late 1400s ~ Early 1500s) there was a widespread religious civil war within Japan that ended with the extermination of the Taoist-Confucian faction who tried to take over the Shinto-Buddhist religious institutes. Korea on the other hand was less lucky.

Westerners like to believe the Chinese are like this because of communism, when in fact these people had always been this way since the dawn of their civilization. It mattered not that the Maoists won the Civil War, as a Nationalist Chinese government would eventually end up doing the exact same practices as the modern CCP does, as the Modern CCP emulates the old Chinese Dynasties of the past. By the end of the day, a Taiwanese, Singaporean, or Hong Konger is just a Chinaman who’s better at covering his tracks.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the Chinese influence in East Asia throughout history is that they’ve ensured there will be zero “pan racialism” sentiment within East Asians as there are among some Europeans. They have soured the relationship between themselves and between their neighbors so much, the likeliness of such a thing is less plausible than the Balkans reuniting into one entity.

I replied:

You make very new and unique comments about the Chinese that I’ve never heard before, and never heard explained in this way before.Tell me, are you Asian or Japanese? Just curious. What you say adds to my view that the Chinese have, at the very least some weird weaknesses.

My own view of them is negative, and we in Africa HAVE fought blacks who were trained and armed by them. But the Chinese have made MANY BIGGER moves in the past in Africa than now, and it all ended in failure and above all an inability to continue forward for long.

I therefore have much more respect for the Russians as adversaries. Their whiteness (perhaps with a bit of Asian mixed in), generally makes them a truly good functioning enemy. However, I noticed that when it came to war and fighting, the Russians had serious problems with the blacks. The Russians think in a “white” way of war and it made them struggle with the blacks.

The Chinese, in the case especially of Rhodesia were able to infuse the blacks with the right tactics and they found willing radicals. That was however their high point. In all other respects they failed and were unable to achive what the Russians did.

I thus have a much higher respect for the Russians than the Chinese and I must admit, I do enjoy the “white side of Russia” and find it sad that they’re our main adversaries in Africa because I think if we and the Russians worked together it could work out really really well. I’m thus open to the idea that Whites in Africa should try to strike a deal with the Russians at some time or to explore opening doors with them.

Of course, I wish we could have such relationships again with the West itself, especially the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and all of the remaining countries in Europe. If we can open trade links, especially to buy military weapons and technology, I would be all for it.

Britain and America, as Jew insane as they are have never supplied us with weapons or even opened the door for. it. Though I think American weapons generally are exceptional expensive and they suffer from logistical/maintenance problems.

He wrote:

>Tell me, are you Asian or Japanese?
Nah, but I’ve lived in that part of the world for the most of my life, and in 5 of those countries (China/Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia) and observed enough to make my own conjectures. When I enter a random bookstore in China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore, the “Top Sellers” and “New Stock” are always, ALWAYS, filled to the brim with books authored by Jews that teaches the Chinese how to be more like them. I do not see this trend anywhere in any other country I’ve been to aside for those.

>At the very least some weird weaknesses.
China as a single political entity is only ever going to collapse when 3 conditions are met simultaneously: Internal Instability, Prolonged Famine or Economic Downturn, and an immediate External Enemy that is actively hostile to them. Every single political structure in China has collapsed like this from the Shang all the way to the Nationalist Chinese.

>But the Chinese have made MANY BIGGER moves in the past in Africa than now, and it all ended in failure and above all an inability to continue forward for long.
They are trying the same sort of monterey enslavement they did successfully in Southeast Asia. It works less in Africa because in general Africans are five times more incompetent than Southeast Asians with the sole exception of Rwanda (Which is an Apartheid-esque state)

>Russians had serious problems with the blacks. The Russians think in a “white” way of war and it made them struggle with the blacks.
I don’t have much knowledge on this. However, I do know that the way Russians dealt with Muslims is the most efficient and successful compared with any other European nation’s attempts to do so. All their Tatars were pacified after 300 years of Russian rule and even today they have no intention of seeking independence.

>Britain and America
The worst mistake any modern day European Conquerors had made is believing that the Anglo is a trustworthy character. Even though they’ve backstabbed every single one of their allies and actively worked to undermine any sort of pan-European unity since the 1500s. IMO they should be treated the same way you would treat any other external enemy.

My addendum with the Chinese is that never had there been a group of people that had accomplished so much, yet at the same time be this subversive and repugnant. The greatest saving grace is that identifying them is far easier, Europeans just need to get rid of the “Communism ruined the Chinese” propaganda and accept that this is what they had always been.

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