Fantastic White Military History: Surprise attacks… the Confederates, Germans, Pagan Europeans & Rhodesia


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Here are some comments I sent to some American friends following on the article I published about surprise attacks and the amazing feats of White males:

The Confederate battle at Chancellorsville is the best on the list. I was unaware of the story behind it. My knowledge of some of these American battles is weak. But I do know enough about the Confederates and the war, from past studies that Lee was incredible. I have done a lot of research that I never got round to publishing my views on. Stonewall Jackson and Lee are amazing Americans. Make no mistake. I know about his campaign in the valley. That was pure genius. Lee is amazing. I know quite a bit about him.

There’s also a cavalry officer who was insanely awesome. I will be doing many military videos.

The big thing lacking in this list are the amazing feats of the Germans and Europeans. This list is very pathetically Anglo-American and nowhere close to a real tribute to what our race is really capable of.

There is even a Rhodesian battle that would easily make this list, perhaps even the top of this list. It was a surprise that was so unbelievably total … and it was totally devastating. The blacks did not know what hit them.

If you go into pagan times, we have tons of stuff from our past that would easily make this list. This does not even come close to being representative of what White males have pulled off in the past. Like I say this is a mostly Anglo-American thing with a total ignorance of European history – which is plainly fantastic when you study it closely.

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