South African Army Veteran writes to me about the Border War, Zimbabwe, Angola & Mozambique

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Africa: Witchcraft fears: Newborn babies bashed to death
Blacks in Africa believe the craziest Witchcraft nonsense. In this story you will see the kind of junk they believe and then if need be they kill their own babies.

This is an email from someone who was in the South African army:

Hi, At first I thought your content was extremist but as a white South African (of neither English nor Afrikaans decent), a survivor of multiple robberies, attempted hi-jack, muggings, home invasions and who witnessed the senseless killing of a much loved, innocent, young colleague at work during an attack, I realised a long time ago that the only way will be to fight our way out of this. It also does not help to send our children abroad as the same template perfected here is being applied in every formerly white nation. Their future will be our present reality. Having competed my 2 years of compulsory military service in the 80’s as well as as a camp, I was young and dumb enough to have believed our traitorous politicians who vowed that terrorists would never rule this country. If only we could go back in time. For every day of the 18 months I was posted to South West, I and my fellow troops were involved in war…every day. In addition to my normal duties, I also had the unfortunate task of cleaning up the aftermath of manned Ratlel’s being blown to smithereens by the Cubans and I was so disgusted at what I saw that I became a life long vegetarian after that, it was my way of dealing with it, and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Some of my friends are more than 30 year later, still walking around with inoperable shrapnel lodged against their spine. When I left I never, ever wanted to go back and balked at the prospect of having to do camps until the age of 40. If only I knew the anti-conscription campaign was a jewish led, ANC campaign. How could I have been so dumb? I remember as a child in 1975 being taken to the refugee camp outside Pretoria to donate food and supplies to the Angolan refugees fleeing the massacres and have watched and re-watched your video on this subject multiple times. I have also read the book which I think you used as a reference. I am fascinated by the subject as the past is clearly bound to very quickly become our future and have begun to yearn for a lasting solution to our problem. I also travelled the width and breadth of Zimbabwe and saw the slow demise in the late 90’s and the precipitous fall after 2000 when farms were seized. I have visited the mostly Angolan and Mozambican area in Lisbon where some fortunate assimilados established themselves after they fled to Portugal and what do you know…it’s a dangerous slum of note. They are simply incapable of assimilating. I, like you, have become an accelerationist. The harder we are pressed the more impetus it will give us to find a "solution". I don’t believe the big hoax, my personal experience is that they are devious as hell. Keep up the good work, I trust that you will be spared the fate that befell Augustus Invictus, an extremely intelligent, extremely learned young man with a Juris Doctorate no less but who’s ideas are so dangerous that he and his equally learned father were persecuted by the tribe, de-platformed, de-banked and eventually both jailed under trumped up charges.

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