How you can help White South Africans…

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A reader asked how to help white South Africans. Below is my reply to him:

There are a limited number of people I can point you to.

If you want to help I can only recommend people whose work I have actually seen.

When it comes to helping white children I recommend Monica Stone whose website is – She’s a hardcore National Socialist. She ONLY gives money to white children. If she gives money to someone and she later sees them helping non-whites, then she cuts off the monies. I went with her in 2015 to visit an orphanage in Pretoria, the only one run by a white woman who was doing it only for white children. But when Monica later found out that the woman also was helping blacks she cut off all donations – which I agree with. Monica gets very little support, but she does the best with what she gets and she tries her best to give it to people who will use the money properly. She believes in helping the children because the children are our future.

Another person I can recommend is Leigh Oxley and her husband. They are the people who have the South African housing project. I’ve seen their work at Munsieville Squatter camp. They really rolled up their sleeves and helped the whites there more than anyone else. I am very impressed with the work of Leigh and her husband. They also work with Karin Smith.

I’m also going to post a request from Piet Rudolph for monies to help poor whites and their children. He has also said that he will provide proofs of any monies spent, etc. I’ve met Piet once and I know he is dedicated to the Boer/white cause.

So the above 3 are the only people I can recommend.

I can’t recommend The Helping Hand of Solidarity because they are forced by law to help non-whites as well. And I think whites must stop being fooled by others into NOT helping their own people. Nobody else has the damned right to tell us to NOT help each other.

I also do NOT recommend donating to the Suidlanders.

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