Why Siener Van Rensburg is a waste of time. Boers after the Boer war worked towards Victory with Apartheid!

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Someone contacted me about discussing the Siener Van Rensburg prophecies recently and I replied to them saying that I’m not interested in these feel-good fantasies. This is because prophecy and religion causes whites to sit back and DO NOTHING. It is an EXCUSE to DO NOTHING and to sit and let your life go by instead of thinking of something practical. Below is the gist of my reply to this person:

About the subject matter of Siener and south African prophecies. I did do a full video with Brian Ruhe about that including WW3. I no longer believe in any prophecies at all. I’m tired of Van Rensburg and the prophecies and I think the whites must begin focusing on reality instead of false hope. When the Boers struggled to regain South Africa after the Anglo Boer war was lost they did not engage in fantasy to my knowledge. I have no knowledge of the Boers of that time even thinking about Van Rensburg even though Van Rensburg lived among them and was known to them. Instead they formed the Broederbond and began making plans to create the institutions they needed as well as to begin infiltrating institutions that they could get hold of in that way. They regained South Africa by 1948 through cunning, determination and struggle instead of relying on the prophecies of Van Rensburg. I think that whites in South Africa need to stop engaging in feel-good lies and they must look at the dreadful situation we find ourselves in and do something about it.

Prophecy is a complete waste of time. I spent 30 years of my life studying all kinds of prophecy including Van Rensburg back in the 1990s. Its all rubbish, it won’t come true and it won’t help us.

The other day, for the first time, I saw someone on a small group I belong to, say that we whites need to engage in REVENGE for the ongoing killing of the white farmers. I said to that person that he’s talking my language. We need to have practical goals.

BELIEF is a pure waste of your life and an excuse to do nothing. Everything ever achieved in our history or the history of any other whites was achieved through hard work and nothing else. We’re no different.

If you want to believe in something then go ahead and believe, but DO NOT LET THAT BE AN EXCUSE FOR YOU TO DO NOTHING!

If your car breaks down you do not go and pray to God to fix it. You do not wait for a sign from the heavens. Instead you find someone who fixes cars and they fix your car. Why is it that you think politics is something different? Our politics is a TOTAL DISASTER and we have nobody to blame except ourselves. And nobody will make anything move forward except us. Its that simple.

I will be doing a video about Malan, Strijdom and Verwoerd. These were the types of white men who did lead us to success. I am well aware that Malan was a Bible-thumping pastor who believed that God was behind the Boer. He was a radical man. What we need is radical firmness and determination to act and work like those men did who worked to seize back South Africa after the Anglo Boer war.

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