6 Pics: South African Blacks Burn Trains at an Alarming Rate – Blacks burn 80 railway coaches per week!

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[Our fellow whites in the USA at National Vanguard found this gem. But inside it is even more hillarious nonsense from stupid black-run South Africa. There’s so much I could say about this. But as National Vanguard accurately points out black arson and violence is so common that it only becomes newsworthy only when it threatens to bring the country down. Well said!

As someone who lives here, I’ve grown bored with black protests and black unhappiness and black anger because it never stops. I stopped counting the number of strikes more than 10 years ago. And yes, the blacks set fire to anything you can think of and we don’t even notice it.

Hidden inside this story is another one that’s just as hilarious.

Last week my niece in Kroonstad sent me photos. A train and a truck collided and it seems at least 18 were killed! Whites don’t use trains so I’m sure it was all black dead – which is excellent.

When I see all this nonsense I know that WE WHITES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IT! We did not do this. This is what the blacks are doing to the things they inherited. The railways were awesome. It was a fantastic creation of the Afrikaners and it worked very well. But since black rule they’re caused mayhem with the railways. They’ve damaged the national infrastructure in many ways. South Africa was designed so that the heavy loads were carried by rail and the roads would be less worn by trucks. Under black rule the blacks did the opposite. So now the railways carry less load while the trucks put much more strain on the roads and highways than they were designed for.

I love watching the blacks break stuff because I know they’re disemboweling themselves. If we whites can just keep our heads and do our own thing we’ll be able to survive this black nonsense. Let the blacks kill themselves. I don’t care.

For the record blacks even once burned down a whole railway station! They burned down Pretoria railway station because the trains arrived late! LMAO.

But let me remind you that this is what the Communists & Jews TAUGHT THE BLACKS! They told them that if they’re unhappy that they must break, smash and burn things to break us whites. But now they are in charge and they continue behaving like the spoilt brat babies that they are! I just laugh at this. These fools have no conception of reality, and the Liberals/Jews/Elite must now carry on working with them! Good luck to them! I’m enjoying watching them sink together! Jan]


Black commuters in South Africa have a long history of burning trains and rioting in stations, often on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Introductory Note by David Sims: Notice that the headline does not say “Blacks burn train,” but instead “Blacks burn trains at alarming rate.” In South Africa, it isn’t surprising to hear that Blacks have burned something. A train. A school. A farm. No, indeed that sort of thing is passé, almost unworthy of mention, something to take for granted. Black arson or vandalism becomes newsworthy only when it occurs at a rate that threatens to take down the entire country’s mass transit infrastructure.

Cromet Molepo, the new Black CEO of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) was appointed in December 2017 to replace outgoing Black CEO Lindikaya Zide, who had been appointed less than a year previously in March 2017. Lindikaya Zide had become CEO in March 2017 to replace his own Black predecessor, Collins Letsoalo, who was fired after he greedily raised his own salary by a factor of about four-and-a-half (from 1.3 MR to 5.9 MR).

You can read the rest here: https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/01/south-african-blacks-burn-trains-at-alarming-rate/

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