Jewish Britain & America’s betrayal of White South Africa – Also: NEW Free Speech Platform Parler

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[When I released the video of the full discussion with the Jewish Communist Ronnie Kasrils, a lady wrote these interesting comments to me. Note her mention of a new platform called Parler. I'm keen to monitor new free speech platforms that actually work. And I urge whites to investigate and support any free speech platforms. Also, don't forget Alex Linder's Jan]

The lady wrote:

Thank you for sharing this. I will share the heck out of it . There is a new platform I am using called Parler . It’s free speech and I am an influencer . It’s time to expose the the South African government for what they are and force the USA and United Kingdom to take responsibility for their actions in Apartheid which led us to the situation today .

I replied:

Hi xxx,

That is a very lovely compliment from you. I really appreciate it. It will mean a lot to the folks here in SA to see that others care. I will still do a video to explain to the whites here, as well as to all whites, that the ONLY FRIENDS any whites have, are other, "common", "normal" white people. It is not the upper classes or the rich who will save anyone. Instead, we must all work together. Only we feel that way about things. And frankly, if we don’t feel strongly about anything, and we need to be baby-sat all the time, then why should anyone, even the elite, care?

I will post your note, minus your name. I really appreciate that you’re an influencer. We need as many whites as possible to take up this critical role, which the Jews and Liberals FAILED US ON, or used against us. In which country are you?

The UK and USA really failed us big time here in Southern Africa. As a born Rhodesian, I will say that the white South Africans were the most betrayed, though they rarely actually complain about it. As time will go by in my videos I will discuss the things they did for the USA and the CIA, where they went and fought on behalf of the USA and the West, against tremendous odds, and THEY WON! But none of this bought them anything. They were thrown to the dogs. I urge you to watch my videos. My goal is to produce 3 per week and in there, I will talk about wars we small groups of whites fought here in Africa, and you will see what we pulled off in the face of the impossible. We fought wars that Britain, mighty Britain, would not even touch with a barge pole! And you’ll see how well we did as a tiny group of whites. Nobody expected us to achieve what we did, and nobody expected us to survive as long as we did.

I will also post this mention of this new platform so that other whites can join it. The whites of South Africa were 100% loyal, to a fault, to the Western world, and they looked up to the USA, as the leader of the Western world, and in return, they got nothing. Britain and America did not lift a finger for us whites in Africa.

The ONLY whites who helped us were ALL Europeans! At the top of the list: The French and Portuguese. Then Spain, Italy, and West Germany. Those were the ONLY whites who helped us, but in a category of their own, were the French and the Portuguese. The Portuguese did things in Africa that Britain, mighty Britain, was too chicken to do. Seriously. The French helped the whites of Africa more than anyone on the planet. Then quietly, West Germany and Italy also dealt with us assisting us on certain things that were important. Europeans are the most pro-white of the people on the planet.

Britain and the USA are truly, worthless. America even tricked us, used us, and then threw us to the wolves.

All us whites must stand together. We all face exactly the same problems now, that’s how bad things are.

PS: There is more where I have videos where you’ll see what people say, and you’ll be shocked at the betrayals and tricks against the whites of South Africa.

Thanks again,

Take care,


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