SA: Ramaphosa’s BIG Lie about the NEED for Land without compensation


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In my book Government by Deception (2002), I wrote the following about Ramaphosa. I heard this out of the mouth of General Tienie Groenewald who headed Military Intelligence for 20 years:

(p.147) Cyril Ramaphosa is also a communist (even though he masquerades as a capitalist these days). …. (p. 208)

Similarly, I was told that Mbeki doesn’t hate whites as much as we

believe. I was told that the man who really has it in for us is Cyril

Ramaphosa. Not only does he dislike whites, but he is also a firm communist.

I was told that if Ramaphosa should ever rule this country then the whites

would be in serious trouble. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of my source’s

remarks, but it was told to me in complete confidence.

The above is what I wrote in my book. I hid the identity of my sources in my book. But I can tell you that it was from General Groenewald. He told it to me personally in his office at his house in Pretoria. His exact words to me were, that if Ramaphosa becomes President “that the whites are FINISHED”.

Now Ramaphosa is the president and he’s here with plenty of new nightmares. I heard several years ago that there are about 130+ laws in South Africa that are specifically aimed at whites. They all are of course laws that put the whites at a disadvantage – they TAKE AWAY from what we have or what we are allowed to do.

Ramaphosa first raised the land without compensation nonsense. He told many lies about it. He even said at one point that it would CREATE 2 million new jobs! What nonsense!

But Ramaphosa specifically stated that there is a critical NEED to seize this land without compensation. What is this need that he speaks of? I grew up on a farm. I am familiar with how farms work and black attitudes. Black people do NOT want to go and cultivate the land. They want to go and live in the city.

I assume you are aware of the excellent book written by Dr Phillip Du Toit in 2004. It is an excellent book.

Ramaphosa’s reasoning sounds very much like Mugabe’s nonsense.

Then Ramaphosa impresses upon everyone, including the International Community that this land must be obtained WITHOUT COMPENSATION. Why? If he wants the land, why can’t he pay for it?

I have even been to one of the first farms that was bought by the Govt. I walked on it and took photos. All the blacks do there is live in the buildings. They have zero interest in farming. In fact, the white farmer took the money he got from the Govt and bought another farm near the one the Govt bought from him. The white farmer actually RENTS a big portion of his old farm, and HE GROWS CROPS THERE and pays rent to the blacks!!!

I’ve been there, I’ve taken my own photos.

Even if Ramaphosa is a lying cheapskate, that still does not excuse him for paying SOMETHING for the farms. He could for example say that he is only willing to pay 50% or 30% of the current market value. I find it utterly ludicious that Ramaphosa can walk around and say he wants to pay NOTHING for those farms. To me it sounds more like a malicious vendetta aimed at the white farmers. Do you want to tell me that the SA Govt cannot pay even, say 20% of the market value of a farm from a white man? This sounds totally unbelievable to me and utterly malicious. He wants to harm the whites in the process. That can only be his real and subtle goal. He does NOT want them to survive financially. He wants to destroy them so that they can never buy another farm anywhere and farm again.

The laws that were created are so wide, that people who have looked into it, told me that the Govt can seize ANYTHING. ANYTHING! They can seize your house, your car, even your intellectual property!

Do you know that 70% of all land claims in South Africa are on properties in the CITY!! The ANC could come and take away houses in the suburbs if they so wished.


This law DESTROYS ALL property rights in South Africa. Malema wants the Govt to be the custodian of all property in the country! Communism at its finest!

It is a hideous law. My own view is that this law alone, is REASON ENOUGH TO GO TO WAR OVER!!!

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