The Jewish Alliances of Misfits, Garbage, Traitors and assorted Human filth

One thing you’ll find in any country the Jews go to, is that they seek out assorted human misfits. They basically find the degenerate human garbage of society and they form alliances with them. They also propagandise them and racialise them and then they all work together. This is why you see all these pedophiles and sexual weirdos surrounding Jews. Not only are the Jews into this crap, but the Jews embrace these people.

In looking at South African history, I have seen that you also have the Jews trying to win over, or fool, proper Whites into going along with their nation-destroying garbage. So you’ll see in South Africa, all kinds of names of "Anti-Apartheid activists" (Translation: WHITE TRAITORS), but among them you’ll even find pure English/British people and pure Afrikaners/Boers. You’ll see names like Bram Fischer for example. He’s Afrikaans. But he became a totally commited piece of communist shit who set out to destroy White power.

All of these misfits and degenerates are now household names in South Africa and worldwide for their wonderful work in destroying White power.

Many of them have written books wherein they talk their liberal, communist and other anti-White crap.

I think that for the Jews, that it helps them also to HIDE the fact that these movements, and these anti-White actions are actually JEWISH PROJECTS. If you find someone who is British and another one who is Afrikaans in this demented "movement" then it begins to hide the fact that the true DRIVING FORCE is really Jewish. That 95% of the actual trouble makers and misfits who conceived these ideas are actually JEWISH.

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