How did Israel help Rhodesia?

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[This is one of the last emails I wrote to a Rhodesian Colonel who was the only one who would answer my questions. This is as close as I could get to finding out what Israel and Rhodesia did. I have published info from JB Campbell, the American, who explained how Israel helped the terrorists and how Rhodesia spoke to South Africa and how South Africa told Israel to stop doing it. The border fence idea in Rhodesia was a HUGE FLOP I might add. It cost Rhodesia a LOT of money and it was a total military flop. It was only when I wrote to this Colonel that I found out that this was an Israeli idea. The Bell helicopters he refers to, was something else that Rhodesians grabbed. These were old US helicopters from Vietnam. This also did not work out well for Rhodesia. The helicopters turned out to be in very bad shape. Jan]

Here is the email I wrote to the Colonel. He might now be dead. I’ve never had further replies from him. This is from a few months ago:-

Hi John,
I have a question: What help did Rhodesia actually get from Israel?

Mainly access to technical information such as security fencing along the border with Mozambique. Also some Bell helicopters in 1979.

Has anyone written this down and documented it?

I haven’t seen anything published, apart from Harvey Ward’s ‘factitious’ book "Sanctions Busters".

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