S.Africa: Apartheid: Jews are the BIGGEST COWARDS on the PLANET & Two-faced backstabbers!

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Video: The Greatest Talent of the Jews...
Sometimes, even the Jews tell the truth in an odd moment! I discuss two key talents that Jews have that are often overlooked but which are important.

[Everyone on the planet is braver than the Jews are. Make no mistake. EVERYONE of EVERY RACE is braver than a Jew. Below is a description from a Boer from the time of Apartheid, decades ago, where he tells of his experiences with Jews.

Note too how the Jews went to “varsity” (South African slang for: University). In the universities the Jews turned them into communist institutions and then the universities became a nightmare for the white Govt by the 1980s. That’s the thanks the Boers got for allowing Jews to live among them! You let a Jew live among you and he STABS YOU IN THE BACK just like what happened to the Germans.

Whites must NOT be afraid to stand up to the Jew. You will see how other races will flock to be on our side. The Jews were hated by the whites of Europe… but stick around, Jews will be HATED by every race of people on the PLANET!

And South African whites remember this: The Jew turned you into the most hated people on earth since the Germans! The Jews took your worst enemy, Nelson Mandela and made the world love your enemy!


The comment below is from my video about how the Boers decapitated violent crowds during the time of Apartheid. You can view it here: http://historyreviewed.com/index.php/2018/02/10/video-decapitation-how-the-boers-dealt-with-violent-crowds-of-blacks/#comment-1940

Anton wrote:

I really enjoyed your vid.
Commenting on your recount on the “bravery” of Jews, when I was at school in the ’60’s we all had to partake in cadets every Friday afternoon for a couple of hours. This was the norm at every school across the country. Male teachers were required to act as officers and it was expected that they knew about Army drill to instil discipline amongst the ranks. We had a jewish teacher and when he had to present himself on the field for drill, he had his putties on the wrong way round with the buckles on the inside of the ankle instead of on the outside. This just reflects the lengths that all the jews would go to to escape conscription to active duty. All of the Jews at my school went to varsity and then got themselves jobs thereafter in essential services which exempted them from the call-up. It must be noted that the varsity was full of Jews and these are the ones who stoked up anti-apartheid sentiments at all the varsities across the country.
When I bought my discharge from the Navy in March 1970, I went to the Fire Department and guess what? Not one Jew in the whole department. When you say they are cowards, Jan, that is a gross understatement. I don’t know if there’s a word for their cowardly ways. Maybe pusillanimous or craven would be a better attempt to describe them.
In my three years, first in the Air Force and later in the Navy, I never, ever came across one Jew, NOT ONE, who was in the active citizen Force. When speaking to a couple of Zulus, because I speak the lingo, they had nothing but utter contempt for Jews and Muslims. They told me that Jews were the absolute dregs of white society because, as you stated, the black doesn’t know that Jews are not white, and that the Muslims were the worst Indians, ever.
If anybody is responsible for the unrest in South Africa, these Jews, that ducked the conscription during the Late ’60’s and early ’70’s, are the ones. And also, let’s not forget how many ducked out of the country at that time to go and spread their slime all over Europe and America.
Let’s face it, the Jews in this country have got a lot to answer for.

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(1990) Bishop Tutu: NAZI slaughter of Jews was better than Apartheid
Black Christians in South Africa are no friends of the Whites. These disgusting people have turned on the Whites many time. Here is Tutu lying and pretending that Apartheid was WORSE than the (mythical) Jewish Holocaust (which never happened).

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