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[Not a day goes by in SA that there isn't a protest. I think there are protests every day and it's been like this now for DECADES. I lost track of it very long ago. These people are permanently unhappy. Jan]

The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi has condemned the actions of taxi drivers who used their vehicles to block many major intersections in the Durban CBD on the morning of 25 July 2022. “It is unacceptable that they choose to inconvenience thousands of motorists to raise their grievances rather than using available channels to resolve their concerns,” he said.

Police officers from the Durban Central police station together with officers from the Durban Metropolitan Police and Public Order Police Unit responded to reports of blockades at various intersections.

They were able to negotiate with the drivers to remove their vehicles and to set up a meeting with the transport department to raise their grievances.

All roads were opened shortly afterwards. Police had their hands full as reports began streaming in of blockades from different parts of the city however; they were able to dispatch police officers to all the affected intersections to prevent violence and damage to property.

Various media houses responded to some of the blockades and covered the police response however, mischievous individuals continue to post videos of the initial blockades prior to police arriving on the scene to create an impression that these blockades were not attended to by any of the police agencies.

“We appeal to members of the public to refrain from circulating such videos as this will be playing into the hands of people who want create unnecessary panic amongst the community,” said Lieutenant General Mkhwanazi.

SAPS Newsroom

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/kwazulu-natal/protests-taxis-block-roads-durban-cbd/

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