S.Africa: Immensely CRUEL BRUTAL Farm murder – This was brutal: Elderly woman slain during depraved farm murder – My Comments


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‘This was brutal’: Elderly woman slain during depraved farm murder

Another atrocious farm murder has claimed the life of an elderly woman – and her husband was found tied-up ‘2km away from the property’.

16-08-2022 16:39

A farm murder of immense cruelty has rocked this community in the Northern Cape. An elderly couple was targeted ‘by multiple male suspects’ in the early hours of this morning – with the wife succumbing to her ‘unsurvivable’ injuries.

Olifantshoek farm murder: What we know so far…

The male victim, meanwhile, is still fighting for his life at a local medical facility. The police have kept all cards close to their chest, but we have been able to confirm several details, from an assault that has been described as ‘brutal’ by some local politicians.

The depraved attack took place at a farm near Olifantshoek, in the Northern Cape.

One of the elderly victims was killed, and her surviving partner is receiving hospital treatment.

The male farmer was found tied up and DUMPED almost 2km away from the property.

Mobile phones and firearms were also stolen by the assailants.

Police have launched an investigation into this farm murder, following Tuesday morning’s heinous attack.

Olifantshoek, in the Northern Cape, is located just off the N14 – Photo: Supplied

DA demand ‘more protection’ for vulnerable farmers

Reinette Liebenberg is the DA’s Provincial Spokesperson on Agriculture for the Northern Cape. She has passed on her condolences to the family. However, Liebenberg also believes that ‘political failures’ have enabled yet another farm murder in a vulnerable part of SA:

“The DA condemns the brutal attack of an elderly couple on their farm approximately 15km outside of Olifantshoek on the N14 road earlier today whereby the female victim died and the male is recovering from his injuries in hospital.”

“Our farming communities remain extremely vulnerable and, since the South African Police Service (SAPS) is critically under-staffed and therefore not able to protect these communities, it is imperative that rural safety units be reinstated as a matter of urgency.” | Reinette Liebenberg

Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/breaking-olifantshoek-farm-murder-elderly-woman-killed-tuesday-16-august/

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