2004: S.Africa: Crime fears fueled Boeremag’s coup plans – White Plan to overthrow SA Govt

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[These are very valid fears all of us have in this country. In many ways, maybe this Boeremag trial and this information will help to show people the angst generated among whites in this country by what Mugabe did in Zimbabwe. In that way, the Boeremag may be doing us a service by helping to show the desperation in some white people’s minds here.

Its sad that this guy turned on his buddies though.

A coup such as they were planning would never have worked in this country. Never. I believe, the only time action will come is when people are forced, in a Zimbabwe-style situation, into finally acting. Jan]

Fears of crime and President Thabo Mbeki’s perceived silence on the plight of white farmers in Zimbabwe were among the motives behind a plot to topple the government, the Boeremag treason trial heard on Monday.

Coup plotter turned state witness Lourens du Plessis said many people who supported the righting plans did not necessarily agree with the coup masterminds’ intentions to chase all black people out of the country.

“But people were waiting for a plan. They would have gone with any acceptable plan which would result in them being safe,” he told the Pretoria High Court.

The consensus was that the African National Congress-led government could not guarantee the safety of Afrikaners, Du Plessis added.

The group was mostly fearful that the state-backed seizure of white-owned land in Zimbabwe would repeat itself in South Africa “especially in light our head of state’s silence (on the matter)”.

Du Plessis testified that safety and security was the topic at many of the meetings held around the country to discuss the planned coup. At one gathering, a video was shown of the consequences of an attack in which a farming couple were murdered in their bedroom.

Du Plessis told the court that a substitute parliament had been identified and was ready to take over after the coup. He said he had been told of the phantom body by accused number one, Mike du Toit. But he could not tell the court who it was made up of.

Du Plessis told of meetings held to discuss the seizure of military bases and stockpiling of food, medical supplies and fuel.

The gatherings were also aimed at identifying and recruiting supporters.

Credentials for potential recruits included an opposition to the government and crime, as well as a yearning to be ruled by a white Afrikaner government, Du Plessis told the court. Rightwing political allegiances were also taken into consideration.

Du Plessis was testifying in the trial of 22 alleged members of the rightwing Boeremag organisation standing trial on 42 charges ranging from treason and terrorism to murder, attempted murder and the illegal possession of arms, ammunition and explosives.

Du Plessis was arrested in connection with the case in August 2002 but charges were conditionally withdrawn in exchange for his evidence.

He testified about placing nails in the driveway to his Thabazimbi farmhouse after getting word that police were on their way to search the property.

“I felt that if they can bother me in the midnight hours, I will bother them with punctures. I was upset that they were coming to search my house while 1 200 whites have been murdered in this country.”

He had burnt all documents relevant to the coup plot before the police’s arrival – except for one which he had forgotten under the fridge, Du Plessis said. Investigators did not find that one.

He also testified how things unravelled after police found a copy of Document 12, the Boeremag’s alleged coup blue print, in the possession of Du Toit.

At one meeting held to plot a way forward in light of their unmasking, it was suggested that a Boeing be shot down to create chaos, Du Plessis said. “But the idea was dismissed by everyone.”

Du Plessis, who had been tasked with amassing 500 combatants for the coup, said he withdrew after it became clear that Du Toit and others were planning to go over into action. He felt this was irresponsible.

He remained committed, however, to lend his support should a Zimbabwe-like situation ever materialise in South Africa, Du Plessis testified. – Sapa

Source: IOL
URL: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=13&ar

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=103272

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