S.Africa: My Quick Explanation of the background to the violence of the Zuma arrest

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This is a note for folks not familiar with South African politics under Black rule:

This is black communists versus black communists – its infighting over the arrest of former President Zuma. The communists and Black War veterans are setting fire to the country to put pressure on the Black Jew Ramaphosa who is himself a communist. But Ramaphosa has been trying to destroy Zuma for some time just as Mbeki (who was also very Jew friendly) was doing back in 2008. The communists back Zuma because he was very loyal to the communist cause. He’s basically a Zulu who turned commie.

This is just all background to this black nonsense. They’re all commies and they set fire to the country whenever they are busy with their internal squabbles – which is quite often actually.

But the arrest of Zuma has really got them going now. Because Zuma basically committed contempt of court and figured he was above the law. They are ALL above the law whenever it suits them. It’s just that this time they want to enforce the law whereas on other occasions they help each other to wangle out of it.

The law is applied as and when it suits them.

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