Lots of violence in South Africa – 10 killed – Video coming about it…

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There is quite a lot of violence in South Africa, but keep in mind South Africa is a big country.

In reality 10 people have been killed, and to my knowledge NONE of them are White. 200 have been arrested. I am in Johannesburg which is one of the places which is hardest hit, and I went on Monday afternoon to the top of a vantage point, to observe Hillbrow. I live 13 Km from Hillbrow and can see the sky scrapers there, and I couldn’t detect the slightest bit of smoke.

All around me things were normal. I heard a lot of sirens on Sunday, but Monday was quiet.

However, the Zuma supporters are burning down malls and other places across South Africa but on the whole the Whites are not threatened.

I’ve been getting a lot of video footage together and will make a video with my analysis.

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