Photo: S.Africa: Black Farm attackers caught on CCTV with back pack Signal Jammers costing R350,000? – Who is murdering the Farmers?


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[A supporter sent me a link to this story. See my reply below. Jan]

You can see the photo at this link below:

The supporter posed these questions to me:
Who is paying for this equipment? How do they get this equipment if it is illegal to own it?

My Reply:-
Hi John,
Thanks for this.

I’ve seen this photo before. This photo has been doing the rounds for quite a few years now.

My best guess, based on what I’ve seen before is that this is the same photo that does the rounds from time to time. I think this is the only photo of this kind. That’s as best I know.

It is a very bizarre photo. In the past, there wasn’t anything about a price tag. In this case it being that this equipment cost: R350,000 which is about $19,000.

I don’t think this has been photo-shopped or ever exposed as a fake photo. I have seen it doing the rounds in SA for quite a few years and nobody has ever doubted it’s authenticity.

While the cost of this equipment is incredible, I will say that Blacks are ROLLING IN THE MONEY!!! In the right circles, whether it is Government or Crime, the Blacks are ROLLING IN THE MONEY!!! So this is not impossible at all. Anyone who is involved in catching criminals can tell you stories about the vast amounts of money these Blacks have. And I have dealt with Blacks and talked to Blacks where it is clear that there are lots of Blacks who have access to serious money. For them, this would be pocket change.

Sadly, I don’t have more information on this. *ALL* the White Farming organisations have got security departments and they deal with farm security and they investigate attacks and murders.

From my research, this photo originally came to the fore in a 2015 farm attack.

In fact, you’ll see the exact same photo here, along with the date:

So this is not happening with EVERY attack.

Another South Africa wrote that these jammers can be obtained much more cheaply via Asian traders here in South Africa. See:

It really boils down to the question of whether farm attacks and farm murders are ORCHESTRATED either by the Government ITSELF as a secret project or by Blacks linked to the Government but operating crime syndicates, etc. The Government denies this, and American Liberals rush to quash this aggressively.

My own conclusions for many years now are that Farm Murders are part of a clandestine war that is being waged against White farmers. In some cases it might be that Black workers call on criminal groups to come and punish a "racist" farmer they don’t like. There is a lot of evidence that FARM WORKERS are working in cahoots with the farm attackers.

Whites are learning the hard way here, to NOT have workers around. The less workers you have the more secure you are.

Even in my suburb a neighbour told me that someone brought in some Black workers to modify his house and to do some building and fixing. Then after those Blacks had worked there, suddenly there was a whole spate of robberies. These things go on all the time where Whites get to realise that if you bring Blacks in to do some work that they may be scoping you out and you’ll be robbed or attacked.

I *PERSONALLY* know people who’ve been wiped out – and it was clear when I listened to their stories that THEIR OWN WORKERS were playing a key role in destroying them. But because they were dumb liberals (in both cases English speaking Whites), they were too stupid to even consider that their "LOYAL WORKERS" were behind it all. There were many indications from these stories that INSIDE KNOWLEDGE WAS TOTALLY NECESSARY for this to have happened.

I, personally believe that Government and Government affiliated people are waging a war on White farmers, but they do it via crime syndicates, etc, etc so that there aren’t links back to them.

So I don’t buy into the nonsense that farm murders are just accidents. The ratio of farm attacks is too high for so few whites.

PLUS you have politicians openly singing with other Blacks "Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer". This is never called HATE SPEECH. I am sure that just that singing alone motivates Blacks to go and kill White farmers.

NONE OF THIS IS AN ACCIDENT. But the Blacks are very cunning. They were taught by Jews and Russians how to do deceptive stuff. They know how to hide many things.

I am sure the White cops and also the Farming Organisations could tell a *LOT* MORE. But they don’t tell enough in public. So we are limited in what we know.

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