South Africa’s COVID-19 nonsense, reaches newer highs of stupidity and madness…

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Blacks falsify their Matric results! Why Black school leavers are expected to try to falsify their matric certificates.

My Nephew, who works in a factory that churns out detonators for explosives for use in the mines, sent me a voice message today that he’s done his first shift since after lockdown and at work he was forced to wear a respirator all through his shift. Depending on the time of his shift, his shift can be either 8 hours or even 12 hours. He told me it was crazy nasty going to work and spending all those hours trying to work with a respirator on. He was cursing this f*cking Chinese nonsense and BS.

I went to the bank to collect an ATM card. Imagine my horror when I got to the bank, wearing my mask of course! and the black at the door inside turned me away saying I could not enter the bank but that I must join the queue. I looked back and could not see a queue. He kept gesturing… and to my amazement there was a queue of blacks and whites sitting on chairs, marked off at the "social distancing" distances! I got to the backs of the queue, about 15 chairs with people on.

Then when I sat down a black woman from the bank had me write up all my personal details, such as ID number, address, etc. I asked her, how long will I wait to get into the bank? She said, less than hour. And she was right. About 40-45 minutes later I finally got into the bank!

You would think we are living in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

When I see blacks walking on the streets, etc they’re all wearing masks. Masks, masks, everywhere.

And of course, these masks mean nothing… But let me avoid that topic. I don’t want to delve into it. Let me leave that topic alone … there are BENEFITS, to avoiding that topic.

The Jews and Liberals and blacks have changed EVERYTHING, now. I laughed, we are not even allowed to press buttons with our fingers!!! I have photos.

But there are many aspects of this that I like. This is going to drum social distancing into the black psyche and mind, and I think, in the long term, this is going to work for us whites.

I do not think this was intended to help whites, but I see many benefits for us. I love driving. The roads are emptier. I am sure crime is down a lot. Even the security vehicles that patrol our area, run by a company owned by whites are only rarely visible. I walk outside at any time of day or night and I observe what is in the streets and the surrounds, since I live near a river. I don’t see any black activity.

I want to try and get myself some night vision stuff at some point. It is hellishly expensive. But I like the night, and I think much can be done at night. The night can become a place where the white male is operating quietly… And it allows one to enter the dark world of the blacks where the blacks think they are safe. The white man should beat the blacks in his own area, where he thinks he is untouchable.

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