S.Africa: End of COVID-19 Lockdown: Blacks stab a White guy down the road where I live…

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Just a note, that on Friday, it was the end of Stage 5 lockdown and we moved to stage 4 lockdown for the first time.

I also dashed out to see if a certain repair shop was open. There was much more activity on the roads, but lots of shops are still closed. However traffic was a bit more intense. For the first time in weeks blacks were walking around openly in the day, although I had noticed beggars coming back days before the end of lockdown and there were no Police or anyone to arrest them.

However, early in yesterday morning, a white in our neighbourhood who is a cyclist was confronted by armed blacks. Yesterday was the first day that we could go outside to walk! I was so glad, as were some of my neighbours. I do think that lockdown was good for us. Its brought some of us CLOSER TOGETHER! I think it was good in that sense.

The white cyclist yesterday morning was confronted by some armed blacks. Apparently he fought against them and they stabbed him badly. Other whites and the security company then chased the blacks but they got away. The white guy was badly stabbed. He had to be rushed to hospital. Late last night I asked whether there was any news about his state but nobody had anything.

Another neighbour also passed details around of the first business that has gone bankrupt that we know of. It was a computer shop. They announced a final sale and that they are closing their doors.

So the stabbing was the first attack on someone here. I went and walked for at least about 40 minutes yesterday afternoon and I also walked and went outside after dark. I don’t see any reason why we should cower away in the corner from blacks. If I see anything suspicious I’ll report it to the local security company. But all was quiet.

We are expecting a crime wave as a result of the blacks being out of the townships.

However a LOT of businesses, most of them, are still closed. But the blacks are now out, however not on the scale they used to be.

I will be watching it all closely.

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