S.Africa: White Engineers appointed by dumb Eskom Electricity parastatal

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[This article says 18 qualified Engineers are being appointed from Solidarity's list. Solidarity is a White Afrikaans Trade Union and they fight for Whites. So if they have a list of Engineers, you can bet that you're looking at Whites. Sadly, Whites keep saving these worthless scum. Jan]

Eskom Employs 18 Engineers on Solidarity’s List, Load Shedding Reduces

Eskom has appointed 18 people from Solidarity’s list of 300 skilled engineers. This list was given to Eskom and Public Enterprises in August this year, eNCA reports. Solidarity’s Morné Malan says more experts on that list need to be recruited and are still willing to help. He said, "just let everything else to the side we’ve got the solutions, we’ve got the plan and list of the best of the best." The country has been plunged into Stage 6 load shedding for the past week with power cuts of up to 6 hours daily. Eskom has announced that load shedding will be reduced for this weekend. Starting on Saturday, load shedding will reduce to Stage 4 at 05:00am. A further reduction to Stage 3 will be implemented from 05:00am on Sunday until 05:00am on Monday.

Source: https://allafrica.com/stories/202209230127.html

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