Message from Jan: Spying, Fear … after Several hours of weird downtime – Internet is back…

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Nothing unsettles me more than when communications between whites is broken. And it is the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL, for whites to: (a) Have communications between ourselves
(b) For us to speak to each other.

Any attempt to stop it, slow it down, censor it, scare people out of it, etc … that this comes from our ENEMIES. We MUST at all times keep information and communication flowing and ignore and push back against all forms of censorship, etc.

I also received news that on my internal South African group networks that I run, that 2 messages are doing the rounds where people are being warned to get off my groups. I am going to track this down. I want to find out WHO is telling people to get off my groups.

So there is a struggle there.

Furthermore, my ISP said that something "went wrong" with their software and it prevented people from logging into the internet and they have sorted it out and are trying to find out why it happened. I thanked them for their candid statements.

But I have direct access to 3 different internet connection points. I found that all of them were almost unworkable starting at the same time. They used different technologies, from different companies and they all began behaving very strangely immediately, so much so that no computer or mobile communications were happening. They could not browse nor receive, nor send email. This continued for well over 8 hours. It may even have lasted, in the one case as long as 11 hours.

This concerned me that it all started at EXACTLY the same time, dead on midnight across all three networks and for almost 6 hours I could not even send one email or even reach my own websites.

I am always concerned about the cutting off of communications as a PRELUDE TO AN ATTACK on whites.

I always get jumpy when I see communications going down mysteriously and in this case, across the board.

Very weird and I wonder if the ANC Government, the blacks or the Jews were at work in any way. It was very strange.

But I’m back and all is good and new videos will go up. I was very concerned.

I will also be tracking down spy fears and fear mongering going on among the whites here on the internal groups and networks.

I’ll keep you informed.


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